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test. He qualified as a “sharpshooter” (Posner 21). Oswald never became friends with the other Marines because they made fun of him calling him “Ozzie Rabbit” (Parshall 72). Oswald also received two court marshals, while he was in the Marines. After two years of service, he was given an early discharge (Parshall 72). After Oswald’s discharge, he began his plans to become a Russian citizen. Oswald sailed to England and then went on to Moscow (Beck 71). Oswald went to the USSR embassy. He then offered to tell them everything he knew about the US (Beck 71). Nosenko, a KGB agent assigned to watch Oswald said “The KGB was not at all interested in him.” (Posner 48). The KGB felt Oswald had nothing to offer them. Oswald asked for citizenship but was denied. He went back to

his hotel to commit suicide. Oswald slashed his wrists and stuck them in cold water to relieve the pain. Oswald was later revived. The Russians had two psychiatrists observe him. They found him unstable. The KGB did not want to be held responsible for the death of an American tourist in Russia so they allowed Oswald to stay in Russia (Parshall 65). Oswald received an apartment in Minsk. He also was given a job at a Radio factory. While in Russia, Oswald met his first love, Ella Germann. He was going to propose to her, but she would not accept. His opinion of Russia started to change; he started to feel it wasn’t what he dreamed it would be (Posner 60). Oswald also met his future wife, Marina. Marina was a Pharmacology student who worked at a hospital. Lee and Marina married and

had one child in Russia. Oswald soon grew tired of life in Russia. He asked the US embassy for help in allowing him to leave Russia. After filling out forms in triplicate, Oswald and his family were allowed to leave for the US (Posner 71). The US gave Oswald a loan to get him and his family back to the US. The loan was also used to get them started (Posner 72). While back in the US Oswald held many jobs. He always seemed to lose them for either not working or saying the job was degrading. Oswald worked to pay his loan off as fast as he could. Once the loan was paid off, he started to buy some material things. He purchased a revolver and a Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle from a mail order catalog known as Klein’s Sporting goods (Posner 103). Oswald met a man by the name of George de

Mohenschildt, an aristocratic Russian left winged person. Mohenschildt taught Oswald to hate right winger people (Beck 72). Oswald and Mohenschildt became good friends. Mohenschildt would go over to Oswald’s home often to talk about politics (Posner 100). Oswald learned of a Gen. Walker, a right winged person, who was going to run for Governor of Texas. Oswald started to take photos of Walker’s home and plotted out ways of getting to his home (Posner 112). Oswald crept up to Walker’s home with his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (Parshall 72). He saw Gen. Walker sitting in his home; Oswald aimed his rifle up to Gen. Walker and fired a shot at him. Gen. Walker thought it was a firecracker. The shot hit the wood going across the double window in his home (Posner 114). Oswald then

ran and buried his rifle. After burying his rifle, he ran home. The police were looking for a rifle with a .30-06 shell size. On Easter Sunday, Oswald went to retrieve his rifle (Posner 115-116). Oswald and his family moved to New Orleans to look for work. Oswald was forced to apply for unemployment money which was $33 a month. Oswald decided that he wanted to defect to Cuba by going to the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. During this time, Oswald’s wife Marina returned to Dallas to live with Ruth Paine. Oswald saved some money so that he could make the trip to Mexico. Oswald left New Orleans by Greyhound bus on his way to Mexico City (Posner 170). Once Oswald arrived in Mexico, He traveled to the Cuban Embassy to ask for visa to go Cuba. The Cubans told Oswald that he needed a

Soviet Visa in order in gain a Cuban Visa. Oswald then traveled to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. He then told the Soviets that his life was in danger if he did not gain access to the Soviet Union. The Soviets at the embassy found him to be unstable (Beck 72). The Cubans showed no interest in what Oswald had to say (Parshall 72). Oswald returned to Dallas; where he was disappointed that the Cubans did not want him. He lived in a rooming house, while Marina lived with Ruth Paine. Oswald got a job working at a school book depository in down town Dallas (Beck 72). At this time, President John F. Kennedy had made his motorcade route for the Dallas trip. The motorcade route was published in the Dallas papers on the 19th and 20th of November (Beck 72). The motorcade route would