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The Jfk Assasination Essay, Research Paper John F. Kennedy was the bright future for the American people. He brought youth to the White House for the first time in our nation’s history. Not only did John F. Kennedy bring youth, but he also brought change and new ideas to improve the nation. Kennedy, during his first term in office, improved peace talks with the Soviet Union. He also was working on ideas to halt the Vietnam War. His work could not be done in a single term as president. Kennedy had to start campaigning for reelection, and decided to make trip a to hostile Dallas to campaign. The President arrived in Dallas to a crowd of happy people hoping to get a glimpse of the President. As his motorcade proceeded down Elm Street, Governor Connally’s wife said “You

can’t say that Dallas isn’t friendly to you today.” John F. Kennedy was assassinated (Untied Press International 14). November 22, 1963, would be the day Camelot would come crumbling down. Our nation and the world mourned the death of our young, inspiring President. It has been thirty years since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and people are still uncertain as to who assassinated him. There have been theories that the CIA and the FBI were linked to the assassination. All of these theories have been disproven by other theories. The government’s theory is that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald’s past may answer some questions as to why he is considered to be the assassin of John Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated

President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was born on October 18, 1939, to a lower middle class family. His father died two months before he was born. This left Oswald to be taken care of by his mother, Marguerite. Marguerite had a hard time dealing with the death of Lee’s Father because she was left all alone to raise Lee and his two brothers, Robert and John Pic, a son from her first marriage (Beck 71). Marguerite checked Robert and John into an orphanage, so that she could find work for her family. Marguerite wanted to put Lee into an orphanage, but he was too young. After Lee turned three years old, he was placed in the same orphanage that Robert and John were put in earlier. After two years Lee’s mother took Lee and his brothers out of the orphanage (Posner 6).

Marguerite informed Lee that she would marry, Edwin Ekdahl, a local businessman, whom she had known for about six months. Lee and Edwin became close friends, but this came to a halt as Edwin and Marguerite started arguing. They divorced in the summer of 1948. Marguerite was forced to move Lee and her family to a poor house. Lee never stayed in school long because his family was on the move so much (Posner 8). Merguerite kept her family moving arouattitude nd from Texas back to Louisiana. His mother also had a depressed toward life. In January of 1950, John Pic left to join the Coast Guard. Soon after, Robert left to join the Marines (Posner 10). In the summer of 1952, Merguerite and Lee moved to New York. This caused problems for Lee because New York did not allow children to

skip school. He was put on probation and was evaluated by psychiatrist who said “Vivid fantasy life, turning around topics of omnipotence.” (Parshall 72) Lee was in his own world. He was asked once if he liked the company of boys or girls, he said, “I dislike everybody” (Parshall 72). Lee was more of a loner as a child. To keep Lee from being put into a shelter, Marguerite fled New York and went to Texas. Oswald started to read books on Marxism (Parshall 72). He also wanted to join the Marines. Oswald then joined the Marines a week after he turned 17. Oswald would never obtain a high school diploma. He scored a below average score on his aptitude test. Oswald was assigned to Second Training Battalion. Three weeks after training had begun, Oswald scored a 212 on his rifle