The Island Of Dr Moreau What It

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The Island Of Dr. Moreau, What It Means. Essay, Research Paper In reading the book The Island of Dr. Moreau I had encountered some significant views on science and technology concerning what Wells had written in the book. The character of Dr. Moreau describes him as a person with the desire to produce new life. These actions of Moreau can be found all through the book, bringing animals and people to the island for his experiments. The same experiments are being brought up with the issue of Cloning. First you have to find out what Wells?s opinion on Science & Technology were. Wells thought that some things that science is trying or may try to do isn?t possible. Like creating the perfect human. He convinced me that you have to use science & technology more cautiously

then how Dr. Moreau did. Trying to go out and create the perfect human is not rational let alone being cautious. But the concept of cloning animals is a very good advancement in science & technology. We could stop capturing & killing off as many animals as we are with cloning. One example is that Japan Shark fin soup is a delicacy. Japanese fishermen catch thousands of sharks a year and only cutoff their fins and let them sink to the bottom of the ocean still alive only to drown. These fishermen would be put out of business if someone made a “shark factory” where sharks were constantly being cloned and harvested. The liver and the cartilage of the shark could also be used for medicinal purposes. And the wild sharks would be free to roam the oceans instead of being on

the brink of extinction. I have given some good and bad points on cloning in this brief essay, But I agree that the positive points outweigh the negative points. After researching it I agree that science and technology are priceless in value to our society and without them we would be like a car with no steering wheel, It only gets anywhere if it?s by accident. Biblography Cloning by: Rosa Beddington/ Mill Hill Essays 1997|National Institute for Medical Research Last Cow Of Rare Breed Is Cloned in New Zealand by: Rick Weiss/ Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday August 20, 1998, page A02