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tantamount to surrender. Despite apparent divisions between the Real and Continuity IRA, the security forces tend to lump them together, noting that the memberships are largely interchangeable. The Real IRA, still theoretically on ceasefire, does not claim attacks for fear of prompting sanctions agains its prisoners held in Irish and British jails. Earlier this summer, a spokesman for the dissident leadership, asked what their motivation was, said: “Whatever deal Gerry Adams [the Sinn Fein President] does with the Unionists, the Unionists will eventually have to negotiate a better deal with us.” With the peace process taking place what will come next for a country in a long and bitter fight over its independence. Will this fight go on for decades or will it end within the

year. Right now the majority of the country wants to break away from the United Kingdom control and form its own identity, but within a certain amount of people there always has to be someone who wants to go the other way. Those people try to ruin it by causing acts of terrorism. But for now the peace process looks promising. 33a