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January 1935. This group of technicians and politicians were responsible for protecting Britain from the increasingly efficient air attack that the German’s were developing. This nomination would have been impossible without some political attachment, but technical expertise was also a requirement. Through the use of scientific investigation and careful political strategies, Tizard and the members of the committee came to eliminate the majority of possibilities then at hand and decided to recommend radar. If Tizard had not been able to act as an “interpreter” among the military, scientists and politicians, the island country in the North Atlantic most likely would not have been ready for the Battle of Britain, which it won largely due to the radar early warning system of

enemy aircraft approaching. Taylor and Tizard were both instrumental in serving their prospective countries by determining that radar was the best of all options for national defense. Without their common ability to operate on both sides of “the interfaces where science meets technology”, industrial production in the US and the well being of the English would have had very different outcomes after World War II. 334