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data as a conventional telephone wire (Silverstein 9). Through the Information Superhighway, our everyday living standards will be greatly improved. While the Internet primarily moves words, and is only able to broadcast images and sound at a very slow rate, the Information Superhighway will easily allow us to transmit sound and images quickly, making real-time video conferencing and actual spoken conversations on the computer possible for people worldwide. New technology like this will introduce even more practical and convenient applications. “Virtual Medicine” for example could help save people’s lives. If it is very difficult for a patient to get to a medical specialist, surgery could be performed over the Information Superhighway, through what is called Tele- presence

Surgery. To be successful, It requires video, a fine motor control, a tactile, and physical feedback. The information can be digitized and transmitted over the Information Superhighway. The doctor will wear virtual reality goggles which contain small video screens that create a 3D-image of the patient. Sensors in the doctor’s gloves, which will control robot-like hands on the other end, will detect the position of the doctors fingers (Eddings 156). Since this method of surgery is intended to work between two distant sites, it makes it possible for specialized doctors at major hospitals to operate at rural clinics. The so-called Virtual Library, which will be established once the Information Superhighway is inaugurated, will greatly enhance the amount of information that can be

accessed through computers. Already, people can search the Internet for databases of newspaper clippings, lists of government offices, supreme court rulings, and even get limited access to the Library of Congress through a system called MARVEL, which pulls together library catalogs from all over the world into one super catalog (Eddings 158). With the Information Superhighway, people will be able to retrieve even more massive amounts of information. In the future, Instead of going to the library and checking out books, people will simply turn on their home computer, log into another library mainframe computer, and be able to download large amounts of text, as they wish. Especially for institutions like schools and colleges, the Information Superhighway will have a great potential

for the improvement of general education and the accessibility of important information. The Internet is having a major influence on America. Its successor in the near future, the Information Superhighway will continue to do so for a long time as well. By creating new ways of publicizing products and helping businesses, the Internet has strengthened and reinforced the U.S. economy. It also promotes a better global understanding by allowing millions of Americans to communicate with other people on an international level because it provides a constant flow of instant, unbiased information for everyone at any time, anywhere. The ability to obtain information quickly and easily will become very essential in the future, now that America is entering the information age. The Information

Superhighway, once built, promises a good start into the new era. Bibliography Eddings, Joshua. How the Internet Works. California: Ziff-Davis Press, 1994. Cooke, Kevin. “The whole world is talking.” Nation. July 12, 1993: 60-65. Verity, John. “The Internet.” Business Week. November 14, 1994: 80-88. Silverstein, Ken. “Paving the Infoway.” Scholastic Update. September 2, 1994: 8-10. Liosa, Patty. “Boom time on the new frontier.” Fortune. Autumn93, 1993: 153-161.