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most used tool to send message. It has changed communication. 5. Reflection Through this Forum paper, I have developed a wider knowledge concerning how the Internet has affect our society and the Gonzaga Alumni. Before this forum paper, I didn’t have the notion of how Internet has affected each one of us in such a strong way and how Internet has revolutionized our society. Personally, Internet has changed and helped me a lot. The Internet has made the world a small place. Through the Internet we have access to the world. I can access the Internet anytime and have information from Asia, Europe or anywhere in the world. For example, because I am from Brazil and I am studying in the US, Internet has made me feel closer to home and always update me with news from Brazil. Also,

Internet has made it easy to me to communicate with friends and relatives. It has made my life her much easier and closer to Brazil. I sometimes imagine this twenty years ago. For example, my Dad was in the US eighteen years ago, I image how difficult it was for him to have news from Brazil or communicate with his family, it must have been much more frightening than nowadays. I am very thankful to the Internet. 6. Conclusion Therefore the Internet, an immediate effect from the terrific invention of the computer, has affected nearly everyone’s life. It has changed business forever; we now have a much more dynamic, fast and globalize type of business. We now can buy anything we want and anywhere we want by the Internet. It is the future of business, where people won’t leave

their homes to buy anything and have more time to do other things. In the area of education, Internet has redefined the way education is taught and transmitted. It has made education much more productive and dynamic. I think that in a near future this high tech education will be accessible to everyone. We will all be able to learn from our houses and it will also help to solve the problem of physical space in universities. And for me, it has helped me stayed in contact with my friends and relatives in Brazil and have news of my country and the world. However, I think that Internet have some weak points that can be repaired, mainly in the area of business where we need to pay by the Internet. The hackers have done serious damages to the Internet and have affected many people that

buy through the Internet. Another weak point as we have seen is that the information in the Internet is unrestricted, and anyone underage can have access to information that by law is only to overage. Internet designers must make a device to prohibit the entering of underage people to these sites. Nevertheless, these weak points of the Internet do not take the great benefit Internet has made to humankind. 7. Interview My Interview was made with a computer science teacher Dr. Carlos Tavora, specialized in Internet. It was short but very instructive. One important thing that he told me is that the Internet connection in many other countries is still very slow and not so accessible as in the US. People in other countries are still afraid of making businesses by the Internet. He

thinks that is still a barrier that Internet has to break to become worldwide. He also told me that Internet has changed dramatically higher education mainly in the area of research and conferences. He said that nowadays if you are researching for example about computers you can contact the best person in that area through the Internet and get useful information for your research. However twenty years ago it was very different it would take much more time to get information from other resources. To summarize the interview he ended saying that the biggest impact of the Internet in our society is the flexibility and accessibility of information that Internet has provided to our society. Bibliography The future of Internet, Sadek Absi,1999. Internet,the future?Guerra,Robet.1989.