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is easy to see that the Internet has pervaded the life of everyone. Those that use the Internet on a daily basis, or even only a little, can feel the impact of the Internet around them. The ease with which they can communicate, learn, or accomplish simple tasks and chores makes life easier, and hopefully less stressful. Even those that don?t use the Internet can feel the impact it has on our society and businesses. Because many businesses today use the Internet to advertise products and to provide support, those not familiar with the Internet may find it difficult to get the information needed. People in this position may not like what is happening around them, but the effect on their lives is also felt. Whether the Internet?s effect on someone is good or bad, the fact remains

that the Internet has an effect on us all. The only question that remains is how has the Internet affected you?Works CitedGard, J. Carolyn. ?Pros and Cons of Telling Your Troubles to a Computer.? Current Health 2 26 (2000) : 30. Maney, Kevin. ?The Net effect: Evolution or revolution?? USA Today (1999). Nua Ltd. (1999).