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address. If he was a serial killer or burglar you are a easy target. If the person is a hacker he can find your social security number and change your whole identity. The movie called ?The Net? is a good example because that could actually happen. That movie is about a woman who worked for a computer company. She spent all of her freetime on the Internet chat lines. She had a hold of a disk that someone wanted on that chatline. So she went away on vacation, and when she returned her whole identity was changed. She was a completely different person. The Internet system is so advanced nobody knows how to deal with the negativity. The government should of never allowed this system to be released until their was some way to police it. Now this could cause all of these problems and

there is no way to deal with it happening. The only way people will have jobs if they know computers. Soon there will have to be blockers in the system to stop people from finding so much information about other people. If nothing happens soon their will be nothing the government can do. If there is anyway the Internet could be shut down till they find a way to solve these problems the Internet will work to our advantage.