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$10,000 to $20,000, Hochman said. “The Internet is not the culprit,” she said. “Bidding wars have existed before. But the Internet adds a dimension to it – it can reach a lot of people very quickly. That same speed and scope have enabled the Internet to revolutionize adoption in good ways. Since 1995, more than 300 children have been adopted after their photographs appeared on the National Adoption Center’s Web site, Faces of Adoption Web. Trennia Tennant and her husband, Dale, used the site to adopt their daughter, Zolly, in less than a month in 1999. Two sisters, Sharon and Sharee, were adopted smoothly last year, even though they lived in California. “The Internet is the most fabulous thing out there, Mrs. Tennant said. “You don’t have to wait six months or two

years. Zolly, who is 3, has cerebral palsy and is mildly retarded, but Tennant said the girl – “our little sunshine” – is progressing well with speech and walking. With a $2.5 million federal grant, Faces of Adoption will soon more than double to include 6,500 children, Hochman said. “That’s the glorious opportunity of the Internet, when it’s used responsibly,” she said. “When it’s not, the consequences can be tragic.”