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electronically sending in homework, or sending a letter to a friend who is enrolled to a different college. It is also an exciting, growing spot to visit when boredom casts over. From obtaining information to Emailing, uses of the Internet can be endless for students. With my personal computer set up with Netscape service along with a thirty dollar Ethernet Card, I am able to browse through the Internet in my dorm room. I often Email friends at the University of Northern Iowa, to my cousin in Chicago, and to friends back in my hometown Dubuque. This is quite handy because I quickly found out that the cost of phone calls can be ridiculous, and the wait for a computer to free up in the labs to be quite frustrating. In a few computer science classes of mine, Project Vincent is a

system used with the Internet during class. In class, we use it to gain entry into different programs and software. I also use it weekly to submit my Computer Science 227 programming class homework, which is handy because I do not have to leave my room in order to do homework. In my English class, we often head over to a computer center and discuss previous readings though networking. Here, we can join each other in group discussion individually logged onto computers at the same time. From my point of view, the Internet has drastically changes my life since my arrival at college. The lines once constructed for nuclear protection, have now proven to be a source of useful information and means of mass communication (Krol). The Internet aids education and makes the amount of

resources endless. In the future, more and more colleges, high schools, and grade schools will soon be connecting to the Internet. Those who are currently connected, will definitely stay connected. From my point of view, the Internet will continually be the exciting road towards information and communication in the years to come. Works Cited: Abbot, Tony. On Internet 94: An International Guide to Journals, Newsletters, Texts, Discussion Lists, and Other Resources on the Internet. 1994. Krol, Edward. The Whole Internet. 1992. The 1995 Groiler Multimedia Encyclopedia. “Internet.” 1995.