The Intention (Motivation) Of Oedipus In Oedipus — страница 2

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Tiresias and Creon. It is odd how motivated Oedipus is for the answer to such a terrible prophecy. Tiresias even says, I will not bring remorse upon myself and upon you. Why do you search these matters? Vain, Vain! I will not tell you . Even when told this by Tiresias, the soothsayer, Oedipus demands an answer. At this moment, the reader knows that the prophecy is true but Oedipus is still blind to it. Many people say that what you do not know, will not hurt you but Oedipus does not feel the same way. He is determined for the truth, and eventually he will achieve this as he further investigates into it. Oedipus enters the revelation stage, when he realizes that he killed his father and married his mother. This is probably the worst feeling anyone could ever have. It is the most

unnatural and unthinkable act to ever commit. Oedipus s realization is so sad, for one can feel his pain by his words. He says, O Light, this be the last time I shall gaze on thee, who am revealed to have been born of those of whom I ought not to have wedded whom I ought not and slain whom I might not slay! He then plucks out his eyes, so he may see the sin he has committed through his children. The realization of the truth is supposed to he good. For when you are a child, to tell the truth was good, but in this case the truth is very grim. This is exactly why the truth has more of an impact on the audience. People understand the truth as being good, where as in this play the truth is bad, and Oedipus is punished for it. Oedipus s motivation takes a different course at this point

as we very well can see. In the beginning his motivation was in concern with what was true. When the truth was presented to him, he was primarily concerned for his children and he asked Creon to care for his children. Of course by the end of the play Oedipus had no motivation, because he had no reason to live. This was a very tragic ending indeed. I admire Oedipus s character, because he took his responsibilities with honor. He tried to control his fate, but couldn t, even though his intentions were good. Oedipus s motivation had always been righteous, and yet he is punished in the end. He chose to live his life in truth, and was motivated for it. He didn t want to live it in a vague mist, and this is an honorable thing to do. Most people would say he is terrible for the acts he

committed, but is it really his fault? There is nothing he could have done to change his course, for it was his destiny. I believe Oedipus to be an honorable man, and I respect him for his honesty and courage. 36e