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of misbehavior. The categories include safety, moral, and socially conventional. The data acquisition method was not changed. Researchers “anticipated that frequent spankers, compared with other parents, would expect children to comply immediately and show respect for parental authority after being spanked.” Critique One positive attribute of this study is that it was well structured. The samples were chosen intelligently so as to avoid parental bias from affecting the results. The misbehavior vignettes were chosen carefully as were the expected outcome choices. The use of computers was also an intelligent choice. By using computers to conduct the surveys, the researchers eliminated the timely process of entering data into the computer by hand. Also, the data reduction could

be done automatically as the results were entered into the computer. One major weakness in the study was the sample. The majority of the participants in both studies were college educated and married. Although the researchers recognized this problem, they still tried to generalize the results to a larger population. Another aspect of the study that could have skewed the results was the method in which the data was collected. While parents are at a computer answering questions, they have time to reflect and analyze the actions. This problem could have been present especially in the frequently spank group. One problem specific to the second study was clarity. By expanding the study too much, the data obtained became hard to interpret. The results of the second study were confusing.