The Influence Of A Role Model Essay

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The Influence Of A Role Model Essay, Research Paper The Influence of a Role Model Some parents are seemingly hard on their children, while others are a little bit easier. Both ways most parents look out for the best interest of the child no matter what the situation and try to protect them and teach them accordingly. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus is portrayed as a good father, and idol and role model compared to Bob Ewell, Aunt Alexandra & Miss Stephanie Crawford. Throughout the book Atticus has been portrayed as a good role model compared to Bob Ewell. Atticus was treated with respect all through Maycomb; thus he maintained a good reputation. All who knew him thought he should be treated highly. Judge Taylor thought that Scout should respect

him too when saying: “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your fathers passing.” (Page 214). Atticus was never violent. Even in tough situations where it would be easier to fight with your fist then your mind, he stayed calm. When he was approached at Maycomb jail by a group of white men, including Mr. Cunningham, he acted with no violence. He also told his daughter, Scout, to be non-violent also when saying: ” ‘That’ll do Scout’ Atticus put his hand on my shoulder ‘Don’t kick folks.” Lastly Atticus is portrayed as a very good father. His attitude towards his children is positive. He encouraged them to read and write and told them they had to go to school. He is shown as a good father when he tells Scout she must go to school: “In your case, the law remains rigid. So

to school you must go.” (Page 35) Bob Ewell was disrespected in the society. Unlike Atticus, he was known to be low and harsh. He proved he didn’t deserve any respect when he spit in Atticus face: “Mr. Ewell approached him, cursed him, spat on him and threatened to kill him.” (Page 220). Also Bob Ewell is a violent man. Though not proven he was believed to beat up Mayella, his daughter, and the rest of his children. Atticus tried to get Mayella to admit this when he asked: “Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father?” (Page 190). Lastly Bob Ewell has proven himself to be a horrible father. His children had no education nor did he. His children never went to school after the first day. This was explained to the teacher Miss Caroline: ” He’s one of the Ewells Miss

they come the first day every year then leave.” (Page 30) As seen Mr. Bob Ewell and Atticus had different places in society, different attitudes and ways of teaching their children. Aunt Alexandra is a poor role model in comparison to Atticus in respect to he antics that drive Jem and Scout crazy. Atticus treats everyone with respect. He treats Calpurnia the housemaid and nanny, with dignity as though she was part of the family. This was shown when he let her in a family discussion saying: ” Anything fit to say at this table’s fit to say in front of Calpurnia. She knows what she means to this family.” (Page 159) Not only is Atticus a good teacher for Jem and Scout, but he lets his children be free and be what they want. He said to Scout ” there were enough sunbeams in

the family and to go on about my buisness, he didn’t mind me much the way I was. “(Page 86). This showed Atticus loved Scout no matter what she wore or did. Lastly Atticus had a good attitude toward the Cunningham’s. He respected them and treated them kindly as he thought all people should be treated! He talked with Walter Cunningham like any other person: “Atticus greeted Walter and began a discussion ” (page 28) Aunt Alexandra’s views were different then Atticus’. In respect to Calpurnia, Aunt Alexandra never gave her any respect. She did not want to discuss any family or racial issues in front of her: “Don’t talk like that in front of them.” This meant that she did not want any racial discussion to go on in front of a black person such as Calpurnia. Aunt