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country. This has been another major struggle the people of Latin America face. Of the people that are trying to ban together to stop the discrimination, and total dominance over them, people from different tribes are trying to combine their efforts in all areas such as government. This is a difficult task to accomplish. Their struggle is not as strong as it could be if the Indian people of Latin America continue to be devided. What is important to the native Latin American people has been pushed aside by the European settlers. This motivation has been driven by greed. Many of the Indians are very skeptical now when the white man says that they want to assist the people. Over many years of abuse the Indians are now banning together and trying to stop these types of problems from

getting worse. What has the assistance of the white man led to in Latin America in the past? They have learned and suffered through all of the problems that the Europeans have brought. The church was forced upon them in order to help them. The new schools were forced upon them in order to help them. The new type of government was forced on them in order to help them. All this aid was supposed to be for their benefit, but in reality the truth of the European motivation was mainly greed. The greed for land was the largest motivation of the Europeans. The resources of the land and the natural wealth of the areas of Latin America were the primary things which the settlers wanted to own. The vastness of the lands which are untouched and some of which are still in their unaltered state

is what the white man wants to take away. The raping of these Indians has been occuring for centuries and it still continues today. This book is a sobering account of the experiences of the Indians of Latin America who have been induring the problems created by the white man for thousands of years. To many people, including myself, this book is an enlightening to the immense difficulties imposed on the Indians by the white man. The facts of this book and the details of the struggles of the Indians caused my heart fall out of my body. The estimations for the numbers of Indians that lived in North and South America ranged from 50,000,000 to 100,000,000 before the first white man came to the shores, and before Clombus arrived in 1492. After the arrival of Colombus, Cortes in Mexico,

Pizarro an Peru, and Cabral in Brazil, the populations of North and South America dwindled to approximately 4,000,000 in 1650. Of the original population, 92-96% had been wiped out by many diseases which the Europeans brought such as smallpox and many other deadly diseases. The number had since increased back to between 20 and 30 million, still only a fraction of the origional popuation. The book states that sometimes the Indians wish that they were a forgotton race because then, maybe their supression and hardships they endure would be lessoned by being included in the vast wealth that their countries have. Only a small fraction of the population of their countries receive this money because of the corruption which is now in place. The Indians of Latin America now want to

rightfully reclaim what is theirs. They want to end the political rule by the whites that has lasted for centuries. They want people of the world to learn and to understand the situation and sufferings they have endured so it will not continue there or anywhere else in the world. They want to be treated fairly. Many of the indians produce most of the goods of their country but only receive a fraction of the income. For example, the per capita income of the Indians of Bolivia is a mere US $50. The total per capita income for all of Bolivia is US $120. This is a prime example of some of the suppression and huge problems which exist in all of the Latin American countries. The political system is unjust. The power of the countries has been taken from the wrightful owners and used

against them. It is difficult to put onto paper the magnitude of these types of problems which have occured and continue to occure in Latin America.