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the personal automobile, is the wading through piles and piles of cars who are doing the same exact thing you are: becoming frustrated and late. Traffic jams are the number one source of daily stress in my life. The theory of the freeway is to create a road with a constant flow of traffic, so how is it possible that a freeway of four lanes can have more starts and stops than a cross-country trip through the streets? Then there is my cousin Ernie. He died a twenty-seven year old man with two children and a family that loved him. He hung himself two days prior. His marriage problems were increasing with severity at the time. It came without warning. To end his life was the easiest, quickest solving solution. I, to the utmost, disagree, but that is what he decided. His selfish act

of convenience created so much anger and inconvenience in my family that we all had to cope for a very long time, even with each others support. His act of convenience caused cousins from as far as Chicago and Alaska to rush to the Fremont hospital. He caused approximately one-hundred or so people to pass through the i.c.u. visitor waiting room, and around fifty of that hundred to stay in the waiting room. All of these people had to leave their schooling, or work, and were greatly inconvenienced by their sorrow. With that act, he created so much more inconvenience than solving his inconveniences. Convenience must be important. It will erase all the nuances that accompany a remote control. It will allow an impersonal machine to talk to and be answered by a living person of whom

doesn’t feel any human to human relationship, just human to machine. Convenience will make a person buy a car and let it turn more hair white from stress with payments and traffic pile-ups rather than accept a smidgen of inconvenience. And most of all, some humans are killed, sometimes by their own selves for a little convenience. Surely modern civilization rates convenience high, maybe a little too high.