The Inconvenience Of Convenience Essay Research Paper

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The Inconvenience Of Convenience Essay, Research Paper The Inconvenience of Convenience It’s everywhere! It surrounds us! You can’t go anywhere to avoid it! It lives in the campground out in the woods. It thrives on city streets and freeways! People give up their lives for it! It will either help you or restrain and restrict you! Convenience is unavoidable. Not only is it everywhere we turn, but it has also become a necessity of life because of its influence in our upbringing. You can drive down the street and you see everything from your incredible abundance of drive-through restaurants and ten-minute oil changes to your odd- sounding, but time saving drive-through markets. The automobile itself has become one of, if not the most used item of modern convenience, ( maybe

besides the microwave ) and at the same time one of our most inconveniencing. Convenience is so important to some people that they are the ones who install, or create the idea to install bathrooms and showers at campgrounds, a place where the idea is to go and ” rough it. ” The idea and importance of convenience has even been a reason to end one’s life. It is convenient because of its quickness to end tough situations. My cousin recently used this excuse. Convenience is not a bad thing, it usually is for the best, but it appears that to modern humanity, the importance of convenience outweighs everything from how many leprechauns you see per day to life itself. There are countless ( actually it is more convenient to just say countless than to actually count ) little

household items that seem to be convenient until it wants to create havoc for us. The most obvious is the remote control. Yes, that little device that has more buttons than a typewriter, and better disappearing acts than Houdini. Its main purpose is not to play hide-and-seek with, it’s to remove the need to walk to the TV whenever something needs changing. The most recent wave of TV remote controls have so many ” features ” that the only one it needs now is a little voice to explain how it works. It is so much of a hassle yet people still buy the TV with the most intricate remote because it has more ” features. ” Then they won’t try to understand how to use it and buy a universal remote to ease the searching for which button on which control does what! Then there is

the beloved answering machine for your phone. This miraculous piece of machinery let’s you never miss one of those always- important, pesky bill collectors, or the adoring, bothersome in-laws. This little convenience is a nuisance to all those people who are failing to get in touch with you, or at least a real person. If that isn’t the worst of it, there is always the fun game of phone tag: I call his answering machine, he calls mine, I call his again, and so on… It may get to the point where you know the machine better than the person you’re desperately trying to get a hold of! Moving away from the house, we encounter the car. The car creates so many hassles all by itself. The convenience of owning your own personal mode of transportation is far ( really far ) from

cheap. The duty and obligation associated with the freedom ( or restriction ) of the ability to drive creates conflicts. Then there is the daily occurrence of traffic. Is it worth it? A car sucks money away from you no matter how you try to twist it. Car payments set a tight budget, and the money spent on gas and maintenance alone can force you into buying single-ply toilet paper. Next comes the duty you feel to drive either your significant other, friend or any relative, if the need arises. You feel an obligation to convenience them, either that or pity because they don’t or can’t drive, or no one else is willing to take them. You don’t want to seem like the ” bad guy ” and deny them transportation, you want to make them feel cared for. The biggest hassle created by