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The Incans had various gods the sun, the stars, the weather, and various animals. Their goddesses of the earth were the moon and sea. The Incas had numerous and elaborate ceremonies and rituals of all kind, primarily centered on health and agricultural concerns. Live animals were often sacrificed at important ceremonies, and humans were sacrificed occasionally to the gods. . Proof of this sacrifices are shown in pictures they painted on pots and pans. The Incas used a form of caste system. They had three general categories: Incas by blood-this were the relatives of Incans they had special privileges like slaves; Incas by privilege- were the people ruling in conquered lands; and peasants-were commoners and they had no privileges. Unfortunately most of the Spaniards that came to

South America were ignorant people and they didn t respect the Incan culture. As soon as they were in power, they imposed their religion destroying all the symbols that represented the gods for the Incan people. The Spaniards decapitated the last so-called ruler of the Incas, and with his death, the Incan history became part of Peru s history. The things I mentioned are only a few of the fascinating things that the Incan people did in the past.