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Asia being the principle world source of natural runner ant tin, and a producer of petroleum, made it strategically necessary to have that land under the U.S. We had to have it. There was a lush climate, fertile soil, rich natural resources and it was stated that there was a relatively sparse population making it convenient for room to expand. The whole communist excuse was just a cover up. We wanted to expand and we would do, and did do everything to get what we wanted. The next question you have to be asking yourself is why and how did we lose the Vietnam war? Eisenhower himself had to wonder why the poor Communist forces of Vietnam always had better morale then the democratic forces. General Maxwell Taylor reported in late 1964: “the ability of the Viet-Cong continuously to

rebuild their units and to make good their losses is one of the mysteries of the guerrilla war… Not only do the Viet-Cong units have the recuperative powers of Phoenix, but they have an amazing ability to maintain morale. Only in rare cases, have we found evidences of bad morale among Viet-Cong prisoners or recorded in captured Viet-Cong documents’. Maybe he summed it perfectly. Maybe it was because there was no purpose or strategic idea in this whole thing. Yes we wanted to stop communism, and yes we wanted their resources and positioning, but if after 11 years of that kind of fighting and you don’t have what you went out for, then you must not know what you went looking for in the first place. Even after Nixon and South Vietnam signed the peace treaty, the bombing still

went on, accomplishing nothing. With no real purpose of going in there, we never knew when to call it quits. Bibliography Paper written for a AP U.S. History 2 class about the Vietnam war.