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beginning because of Laura’s glass collection. In a way the title is a symbol for the fragility of Laura. Laura likes her figurine of the Unicorn the most. This can somewhat resemble her relationship with her father, The Unicorn is a fictitious animal that does not exist and is very mysterious. Just as her father is to her, this is why she likes the unicorn the most. When Tom is told to find someone from work to meet Laura he picks his friend Jim. Jim and Laura used to be in chorus class together back in high school and sort of liked each other. Jim came over for dinner and met Laura, Unfortunately due to her debility she could not sit at the table the whole time. Jim was in the room visiting Laura when he accidentally knocked over her precious glass unicorn and broke its horn

off. This was the point in which the reader sees how much alike Laura is to he glass menagerie. The unicorn with a broken horn is a symbol for Laura’s life going down the drain, because after the horn broke off Jim told her the truth that he was still engaged. The play was titled The Glass Menagerie because of Laura?s glass menagerie and how she was in a way one herself. In literature the meaning titles are not always so easy to find. In some cases the title of a piece is the most artistic part of the entire work. Titles are used in almost every form of literature and also in most all other art forms. The titles are important because they make people remember the piece. When reading a work of literature it is usually a good experience when the reader finds out the point of the

title. Titles