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lot of it but one should do some. It is important in any type of exercising to avoid injury to the body by stretching before exercising to wearing the correct clothing. Civilization tends to be aware of the former but ignore the latter. When choosing the correct clothing for you take into account: the fit, how much support it is giving for the exercise that is going to be done, fabric (does it absorb moisture well), seams and stitching to avoid chaffing, and mobility. After taking all, these into account one can be assured that they are well prepared for the exercise routine. In conclusion, all the factors mentioned above can lead to a better quality of life. Sleep can help the body relax to deal with everyday pressure. People who eat a diet low in refined carbohydrates, sugar

and caffeine, and high in whole grains, has shown a greater ability to cope with stress as in contrast to those who consume the opposite. Exercise, as well, is a way to release stress and tension (i.e. running, kickboxing, stair stepping, etc.). If one keeps all the factors in mind, a healthier happier life can be achieved. 357