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on television. I am the way my daughter wants me to be, a hundred pounds lighter, my skin like and uncooked barely pancake. My hair glistens in the hot, bright lights”(2). Iron is also seen when Dee announces her death and new lifestyle, but still ate chitterlings an other foods her mother cooked. In her new life these foods are forbidden to eat, which Dee does not seem to acknowledge. Walker uses this irony to show how artificial and temporary Dee’s interest in her heritage is. Dee’s lsat statements demostrated Walker’s use of verbal irony: “You just don’t understand. . . Your heritage”(7). In actualitiy, she was the one who knew nothing about her heritage. Home holds one’s history and heritage. Like a tree, stronger are one’s roots that run deep or know where

one comes from. As Walker displays in this short story, you can be lost if home is just put behind you. It is an important part of one’s life.