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are tested for both performance-enhancing drugs and illegal narcotics in an effort to preserve the development of collegiate level sports. References Dougherty, N., Auxter, D., Goldberger, A., & Heinzmann, G. (1994). Sports Activity & The Law. New York: Human Kinetics Publishers. Stotemayor, J. (1999, August 9). Pan American Games. New York Times. Page D6, Column 2. Mckinley Jr., J. (1999, August 31). Track star s burden: proving innocence. New York Times. Page C24. Horgan, S. (1998, October 7). Indianapolis University lab performs drug testing for athletes. Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News. [Online]. Available: /990/36001763w3/4!xrn_3_0_A53067910 36e