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by the comptroller General of the United States. As the President is called the Chief Executive of the nation, you could call the comptroller General the Chief Accountant of the nation. His office, an independent agency in the legislative branch, has the vitally important job of making audits of the programs, activities, and financial responsibilities of federal departments and agencies. It even checks government contracts. Since women s position has been improved in the U.S, accounting also opened its door to women. It can be the world of achievement for the women who is looking for a higher ststus than what is offered by ledgers and journals. Accountants in today s society is expected to know a great deal about management, business practice and theory, taxes, cost accounting,

auditing, and systems and controls. To the woman who can train these and other subjects gose the opportunity to work at the management level with executives and leaders of business. Women also have opportunities for specialization and self-employment in an accounting firm. That s why I say accounting is the door which widely open to women, and more and more women are stepping into it. According to the statistics By 1910, there were about 190,000 women engaged in the occapation. From 1940-1950 the increase in female bookkeepers was 37,395. An estimate, based on the 1950 census, showed 556,229 women bookkeepers compared to only 164,748 men in the same employment. The figures show women occupy a large percentage in accounting field. Accounting is every where. Non eof the business or

nonbusiness organization can stay longer without it. There is no doubt that all the business require some people who have some experience or knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting. More and more employers prefer employees with some knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting. There are other some examples of accounting job are required in different business: Office Manager accountant, excellent salary, may advance to plany controller. Typist bookkeeper Stenegrapher bookkeeper Statistical Clerk bookkeeper Typist some bookkeeping preferable Church Secretary bookkeeping experience essential Secretary typist, general bookkeeper Salesman experienced in bookkeeping Accounting is so important in our modern society. It serves a variety range of place in our society. It serves a variety

range of place in our soceity, from school to hospital, from business firm to government agencies. It s also the main force in regulation of taxation and industrial activity. It serves a great aspects on the development of mass-production systems, any way, it s a very important term in our modern soceity. Bibliography 1. Backer, M., Handbook of Modern Accounting Therory. 2. Abbott, Lawrence, Economics and The Modern World. 3. J.K. Lasser Tax Institute, How to start and Build a successful business. 4. Don E. Garner The Nature and purpose of accounting.