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the management of the company, the auditor can often make very valuable suggestions for cutting costs, minmizing tax liabilities, and finding new ways to increase profits. Let s look some accounting jobs in government. There are two million federal employees are working for the government , dealing with problems of population, education, transportation, national security, welfare and others. Accountants, auditors, system analysts, and budget administrators are helping to maintain the stability in modern governmental operations. United Stated is teh largest enterprise in the world today, we can imagine how complexity of the business got to be, so accountants take important parts in the operation of these business. They work for department of Agriculture, department of Commerce,

department of Defense, department of Health, Edaucaiton, and Welfare, post offic edepartment and department of teh Treasury. Department of Agriculture deal with agricultural production, chemistry, economics, engineering, marketing, conservation, price support, and production adjustment problems. The department nees accountants to help its programs. The main job for accountant in this agency is to develop and maintain financial management systems, prepare and analyze budgetary and program lost statements, check costs of commercial food processors and producers, audit various operations in the office and in the field, and check records of commercial, cooperative, and state and municipal organizations participating in agricultural programs. Department of Commerce performs a wide

range of operations. It gathers information about domestic and foreign industries and trade, publishes technical information for the government, and handles allocations of materials necessary to military and atomic energy programs. It s also a place which needs accountants. Accountants here maintain regulatory and cost accounting systems, and audit steamship, railroad, and utility companies. Department of defense is an department which includes departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This department has established an ideal career program to help recruit auditors and accountants. The department needs a well-qualified accountants and auditors. Those accountants are needed to handle cost accounting, property and inventory accounting, inernal and external auditing, and

budgeting. Under the department of Health, Education, and Welfare, there are Public Health Servide, the Food and Drug Administration, the Office of Education, the Social Security Administration, and the Office of Vacational Rehabilitation. Those offices are located every where in the United States, so countless accountants are needed to operate in these organizations. The work mostly involves cost accounting, hospital accounting budgeting, auditing, and financial mangement. Post Office Deartmetn is another place which needs accountants assistants. This large department employs more than 560,000 persons and operates over 35,000 post offices. Besides that, it provides money-order and postal-saving services. All this naturally involves large sums of money and huge volumes of

transactions. To handle it all, The depatment has set up within its organization a Bureau of Finance, which looks after the the accounting, budgeting, cost accounting, keeping statistics and financial data, and financial management work. Department of the Treasury serves as the government s banker, bookkeeper, disburser, collector, trustee, investor, lender, printer of the currency, coiner of money, supervisor of national banks, and financial advisor to the President and Congress. It s not hard to see that each of these duties involves accounting. The Treasure Department needs men and women educated and trained in accounting, auditiing, budgeting, and financial management. Here accountants may be systems accountants, general accountants, cost accountants, internal auditors,

revenue agents, bank examiners, budget and fiscal officers, management analysts, tax analysts, and public debt analysts. There are also a nember of independent agencies with which an accountant may find interesting and challenging work. There are the Atomi Energy Commission, the Farm Credit Administration, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other important commissions, an accountant can find an easy way upward to general administrative and managerial positions. There is a overseeing department is called the United States Greneral Accounting Office. Just as a company president is the top man over many men and departments below him. The department generally oversees all the other agencies of the government. This vital department is headed