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general category of accountants who are taking important parts in business organizations. They are managerial accountants, controller, cost accountant, government accountant, internal accountant and teaching accountant. Each of the accountant serves different function in business organization. A company needs well-organized management. Managerial accountant is a kind of person hired by a company and trained to be a manager one day. The managerial accountant, needs to learn all aspects of the company people, products, plants, and equipments. They should know how to handle management responsibility, and administrative skills. A company needs somebody to record its financial operating datas, and measure performance, and it needs somebody to interpret results of operations, and to

plan and make recommendations for actions. Controller is this kind person of the company and is responsible for the records of the company s operation. His or her job is not only deal with finances, but also deal with people, products, equipments and material. In addition, he or she also needs to concern about sales and profit of the company. Like the president or vicepresident, controller has opportunities to exercise imagination and judgement and to make rewarding contribution to the company. A corporation may exist many different items in managactures, and those items go hundreds of various sized and priced componenets. The sales office will have to know the production cost of each item in order ot arrive at a sales price that will contain a profit for the company. A cost

accountant works on it. He studies the items one by one, figures the cost of every parts of the products, and then arrives at the production cost of each item. Organizations of federal, state, or municipal government also need accountants to help their business. Government accountants come to do a variety of financial management work. They may deal with auditing, designing and maintaining. They may do budgeting and administrative duties requiring the use of accounting information. A modern business organization needs internal accountant to see whether the assets of a business are properly protected and accounted for, that current trasactions are completely recorded, or the company s waste and loss whether to be saved or not. High schools, colleges or universities are also need

accounting professors to teach students accounting techniques. Teaching accountants, who know a great deal about accounting and has had some practical experience in dealing with persons and businesses, ready to pass along their knowledge and experiences to students and future accountants. In small schools, teachers have other duties besides their work in the classrooms. They serve as school secretaries, bookkeepers, statistical clerks, and managers in lunchrooms. In addition to the accounts mentioned above, you may also find tax accountant, a systems and control accountant, a budget accountant, or an auditor. Working people need to pay taxes. Tax is so important to our society. It s a main financial imcome of the government. People have to pay different kinds of tax according to

their imcome. For example, they need to pay imcome tax, social security tax, state unemployment tax, federal excise tax, state and local sales and miscellantous taxes, property taxes, and federal and state taxes on corportation imcomes. As an accountant, one of the job he needs to do is to hepl people to pay taxes. Taxes and accounting are intervined. In dividual tax liabilities are arrived at by an accounting process. Large corporations that pay taxes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, hire many accountants. Thus, accountant is tightly related to the tax adminatration. Accountants use skills in tax matters to help prepare people yearly report. According to the statistics, In California, individual CPA practitioners report that around 21 percent of their business is tax

work. Public accountant practitioners, who are closer to the small income earners, report that 25 percent of their business is tax work. Especially public accountants, their large percentage of income is come from tax work. Because of the development of the modern society and increasement of peoples income, more and more accountants are needed for tax work. Sound business needs good record, so control accountants are needed for this. They can help and advice managers to well develop their business. Some government firms and other organizations such as banks, stores, schools, churches, need auditors to operate the business. The auditor s report will be of particular value to stockholders and creditors, since it shows an impartial opinion of the company is financial condition. For