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The Imperial Period Essay, Research Paper The Imperial Period Romanov Family Before Nickolia and his family were killed. The Romanov family did a lot of great thing for Russia as tzars or emperors. From Peter the great to nickolia. I ll start first with Peter the great, In 1695 he astablished the first Russian navy which was one of the best navy headquarters at that time. In 1700 through 1721 Russian was in the Great war with Sweden. In 1703 St Petersburg was found and named after the Russian leader. 1707 til 1708 it was the time of the Bulavin 1704 Peter takes Narva from Sweden but that was only the beginning. In 1709 Russia s victory of Charles XII of Sweden in Poltava resulted in Peter being called the great tzar. In 1713 the capital was moved to St. Petersburg.

In 1721 only then he is emporer of all Russia. But only 4 years later in 1725 he dies. From 1730 to 1741 Ivan VI Romanov rules Russia. But he didn t change anything and just sat there like he didn t need to do anything he was the lazy Romanov. Shortly after his death Elizabeth Romanov took over in 1750 the first proffesional Russian theater was founded. In 1755 Moscow University was found. In 1761 til1762 Peter the III Romanov. In 1762 Peter III was murdered. In1761 til 1796 Cathrine the great took over the thron. 1761 she issued a journal of her life. 1773 through 1775 the revolt of Pugachev took place. 1796 Cathrine the great died. Not like many people were upset or sad by her death. In 1796 Paul Romanov took over he ran Russian til 1801 and didn t change Russia in anyway.

Execpt that Russo- American trading company formed in 1799, But then he died the next year. From 1801 til 1825 Alexander I Romanov took to he throne. In 1812 Napoleon Invades Russia in late August the same year the Battle of Borodino takes place And in Sept. Napoleon enters Moscow and in October he leaves Moscow. In 1813 napoleon is forced into Paris France. In 1825 through 1855 Nickolas I Romanov has the power of 1830 the Polish rebellion acures and ends in 1831. in 1833 the code of law was made. In 1838 the first railroad was made in St. Petersburg. In 1851 the railroad opened to the public.And from1853 til 1856 the Crimean war. And nickolia died in 1855. In 1855 through 1881 alexander II Romanov took over Russia. In 1860 through 1873 the first railroad boom started.

1863 another Polish rebellion acurred. In 1863 thrugh 1865 the law and courts were astablished. In 1877 the war with Turkey began and ended in the year of 1878. in March 1881 the assassination of Alexander II happened. ` Nickolia II took the empire in 1894 . In 1904 through 1905 the Russo Japanese War began. In 1905 on a Sunday that Sunday became bloody Sunday for the battle. In 0906 through 1911 the reformation of the land accures. And in 1911 through 1913 the Balkan wars take place. And in 1912 my telagram is sent.