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flashback is triggered by the central character seeing the redness of his own blood as he attempts to commit suicide. The style and feel of a film is not only dictated by how shots are composed but by how each shot relates to each other. It is during the editing process that a film is given form and shaped into a finished product. Here too the film maker has a number of tools at his disposal all of which will have an effect on the meaning of a shot. The speed of editing will probably be connected to the theme of a film. An action film will probably keep the pace fairly quick by introducing frequent cuts. The dominant style of editing in world cinema is “continuity editing”. This system is used to create a smooth flow from shot to shot. The rhythm of the editing is usually

connected to the length of the shot and the lighting tonality remains fairly constant. Even though continuity editing has become the standard way of connecting shot, there are a number of techniques which can deepen the meaning of a piece. One such technique is graphic editing which matches colour from shot to shot. An even more noticeable effect can be achieved when the editing is graphically discontinuous. Cutting between harshly contrasting colours can create a number of effects for instance if a couple argue during a scene a sense of discord could be achieved by associating the two protagonists with clashing colours. Editing can also be used to create special anomalies, such as in Carl Dreyer’s “La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc”. When Jeanne meets the group of priests the

profusion of close ups and the harsh white setting makes it virtually impossible to tell how the characters relate spatially. Cinema is clearly a visual medium and whilst the script is of vital importance it is what we see that effects us on an emotional level. As the viewer watches the film they pick up cues, recall information, anticipate what will follow and participate in the creation of film’s form. It is important to remember that cinema is an art form in it’s own right, quite separate from the world of literature. Just as writes obey the laws of grammar, so a film maker follows the language of film. Th use of camera can create nuances which dialogue alone is incapable of achieving. A script is given much deeper meaning by it’s transferral to celluloid where the

blueprint of the script can be realised as a sophisticated work of art.