The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers — страница 5

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Afghanistan, by Hassan Hakar, showed the Afghan War from the Afghan side. This source was predisposed against the Soviets, so I used it to show the other side of soldiers’ characters - the violence and murders of the civilian population of Afghanistan. This source would be not reliable if the facts were not proven by the other sources I used. Out of Afghanistan, by Diego Cordovez and Selig S. Harrison, was interesting because it supported both sides of the Afghan War with historical facts and documents. The book’s facts were based on official documents of both the Soviet and the Afghan governments. This source gave me a whole, truthful picture of what happened in Afghanistan. According to this information I built my opinion of what was the real impact of the Afghan War on the

personal lives of soldiers while they were serving in Afghanistan. Soviet Expansion in the Third World by Nasir Shansab, whose nationality is afghan, was useful because showed the tragedy of afghan people without insulting the Soviet military forces. It also showed the Afghan army’s dangerous force of resistance. All these books after critical analysis gave me the information needed for my essay.   Bibliography: 1.  Vladislav Tamarov, Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam (San Francisco: Mercury House, 1992) 2.  Mark Galeotti, Afghanistan: The Soviet Union’s Last War (London: Bookcraft (Bath) Ltd., Midsomer Norton, 1995) 3.  M. Hassan Kakar, Afghanistan (Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1995) 4.  Nasir Shansab, Soviet Expansion in the Third World

(Maryland: Silver Spring, 1986) 5.  Diego Cordovez, Selig S. Harrison, Out of Afghanistan (Oxford: Oxford University Press, Inc., 1995)