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The Illiad Essay, Research Paper The Iliad is undoubtedly one of the world s greatest stories of all time. It is an excellent mix of action, adventure, and heartbreak as it tells the tale of the bloody ten-year battle of Troy, and shows us that the cost of war is always great. The Iliad is the type of story that draws the reader in and doesn t let go till you finish the final page. This Greek story of suffering and triumph is a tale that will never be forgotten. The supposed blind author of both this story and the Odyssey, Homer, is thought to have lived around 800 and 750 BC. At this time it is believed Homer found a scribe who was could both read and write which he then proceeded in putting down the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey in to writing, and thus being credited

with being the author. Never the less the name of Homer will forever be written in the archives of time as the one who brought these two amazing stories into our lives. There are so many characters in this book that to list them all would take up twenty pages so the following is a compilation of the most important and influential characters in the book. It is difficult to pick a definite protagonist in the Iliad, but I would have to say it would be Achilles. He is the most powerful and handsome hero of the war, characterized by a violent and headstrong individualism, which later leads to his dismissal from the army of the Achaeans. He starts out disliking Agamemnon, but later turns his hatred to, Hector, the prince of Troy, after the death of Patroclus. He goes through a period

of guilt for what he thinks is partly his fault in his friend s death. Then like a true hero he confronts his fears and rises up against Hector and Troy to win the war, but unfortunately as foretold at his birth he is killed in battle by Hector s brother Paris, but is remembered Forever as a hero. Agamemnon is King of Mycenae, and commander and chief of the entire Achaean army. He is lord of the largest and wealthiest realm of Greece, and his thus supreme authority. Odysseus continuously reminds him of his bad leadership. He is slain by his wife and cousin upon his return to his homeland because of his decision to sacrifice their only daughter to the gods. Hector is a brave warrior and prince of Troy. He knows that he is going to die sometime during the course of the war, but he

doesn t let that stop him from displaying a wild mentality showing no fear in riding into battle and almost winning the war. Unfortunately he is slain by none other than the great hero Achilles. Hector s body is then stripped of all clothing, and attached to Achilles chariot where his body is then dragged behind as Achilles rides around Troy s wall. Helen is the cause for the Trojan War, when another prince of Troy, Paris, captures her from her husband Menelaus of Sparta. No one surpasses her beauty, and she is said to be the most beautiful mortal in the world. She admires her husband in his fight against Paris, realizing that he is a superior man to Paris. Menelaus is the king of Sparta and brother to Agamemnon. The seduction of his wife, Helen, is the cause of the Trojan War.

He is the weakest and least courageous of the Achaean Lords, but this detracts nothing from his nobility and authority. Paris is the younger brother of Hector, and is responsible for the war when he steals Helen away from Sparta. He can at times be brave, but is generally into more gentle activity as opposed to battle. He slays Achilles towards the end of the war, after Achilles kills Hector. Patroclus is the squire to Achilles, and is probably Achilles best friend. He is described as slow to anger, always kind, and full of pity. He is torn between loyalty to Achilles, and duty to the Achaean army. He decides to go into battle, and when he is slain by Hector he dies in the armor of Achilles. Achilles is outraged and kills Hector to avenge Patroclus death. Odysseus, king of