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sixteenth century poet, Pindar. Seek not to become Zeus. For mortals a mortal lot is best. Mortal minds must seek what is fitting at the hands of the gods, knowing what lies at our feet and to what porportion we are born. Strive not, my soul, for an immortal life, but use to the full the resources that are at thy command. Clearly, the Greeks and Sumerians around the time of Homer had an alternate sense of the divine being. They recognized the power of the gods, but they were also aware of their limits. They realized that the gods were not all-powerful and were, as we have seen, constantly trying and testing them to see exactly how powerful they were. Today that is comparable with Christianity. All in all, the gods of Greco-Sumerian history were powerful, but in comparison to the

mortals that they powered, the gods had merely the ability to live forever. Perhaps, these so- called gods should not be called gods, but simply immortals. They obviously do not stand up to the dictionary meaning of the word god.