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discover that they are related form their grandfathers. Then respectfully exchange their armor. Hektor then finds Paris to come back to fight. Andromache and Astyanax beg their man not to fight . Hektor then says it is his duty. Hektor and Paris rejoin the Trojan army then they battle again. Athena and Apollo wants to end the day s combat by dueling Hektor to one of the best Achaian warriors. Telamonian Aias battles with Hektor. No one wins. A short truce is called for burial of the dead. Zeus plans to end the Trojan War and warns the gods not to interfere. The Achaian army seems to be loosing and even King Agamemnon feels bad. Then, Diomedes convinced the army to stay and fight till Troy is destroyed. Agamemnon knows that he was wrong when he was unwise about taking Achilles war

prize and offers to give her back if Achilles rejoins the army, but Achilles refuses the offer. Agamemnon is bothered by the fate of the Achaian army so he held a conference and they send Diomedes and Odysseus to spy on the Trojans. They stop a man named Dolon and from him they learn the location of Hektor and his staff and also important information about the Trojan army. The Achaians then attack but many are wounded therefore the Trojans start winning. Patroklos dies because Achilles uses him as a substitute. The Achaians take cover behind their wall. The Trojans can not cross the Achaian s trench therefore, they attack on foot. An eagle with a serpent flies over the Trojan army and Poulydamas thinks this is a bad omen and asks Hektor to retreat, but he refuses. The Trojan army

finally knocks the Achaian wall down and the army storms inside. Zeus has brought the Trojans as far as defeating the Achaians and he sits back and watches. As Zeus watches, Poseidon takes this advantage and he disguises himself as Kachas and helps the Achaians. Achilles lets Patroklos wear his armor and tells Patroklos to only save the ships. The Trojans believe that Achilles has returned and is going to beat them up so Hektor and his army decide to retreat back to Troy. Apollo decides to enter the fighting and he hits Patroklos so hard that his vizored helmet flies off and then a Trojan soldier pierces him between the shoulders with a javelin. Hektor sees Patroklos and he stabs Patroklos at the lower part of his belly. Hektor takes Patroklos armor then leaves him naked on the

ground. The Trojans wanted to take the body and mutilate it and the Achaians wanted to give him a proper funeral ceremony. Two of the best warriors from both armies fight and along joins Apollo and Athena. Finally, Patroklos body is safely carried back to the Achaian camp. When Achilles finds out that Patroklos died, he gets mad at himself and sobs. Thetis promises to get new armor for Achilles that was taken by Hektor. The Trojans follow the Achaians when they take Patroklos body away so Achilles appears at the trench and scares the Trojans away. Achilles is very mad at the sight of Patroklos dead body so he promises to kill Hektor and twelve Trojan warriors. Thetis receives new armor from Hephaistos and goes and searches for her son. Achilles, mad at Hektor for killing his

friend, rejoins the Achaians and ends the fight he has with Agamemnon. Agamemnon returns Briseis to Achilles along with many other presents. Achilles knows his fate that he will die in battle avenging for Patroklos but nothing would prevent him for fighting back. Zeus tells the gods that they can join in on the sides they wish to help. Achilles wanted to kill Aeneas but Poseidon rescues him. Achilles doesn t kill Aeneas so he kills many Trojans. The god of the river is mad at Achilles for all the bloodshed in the river s water so he attacks Achilles with waves and currents. Poseidon, Athena, Hera, and Hephaistos attack the river with fire. Hektor stands outside the Trojan gates to await Achilles and to fight with him. When Achilles gets there, Hektor is so afraid he runs away.

Finally, Achilles and Hektor started fighting. Achilles kills Hektor. Then, Achilles attaches Hektor s naked body to his chariot by the heels and drags the corpse as he goes. Priam and Hekuba see what Achilles is doing and the moan and groan. Andromache collapses when she hears the news. Achilles dreams that Patroklos asks that his funeral be held so that he can enter the realm of the dead in peace. The next morning, the soldiers got wood and built a large funeral mound. They place Patroklos s body on the top of the mound and they sacrifice the twelve Trojan captives. Achilles holds funeral games in which valuable prizes are awarded. Hektor s body has been lying on the ground untouched. For nine days, Achilles drags Hektor s corpse around the dead body of Patroklos. Zeus then