The Illiad Essay Research Paper 4

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The Illiad Essay, Research Paper 4| English 1 H Stephen Wong Iliad Important Characters: Agamemnon king of Mycenae; brother of Menelaos Hektor Prince of Troy; son of Priam and Hekuba Achilles greatest warrior of the Achaian army Aias song of Telamon; he has brute strength and courage Menelaos husband of Helen; brother of Agamemnon Paris a prince of Troy; also son of Priam and Hekuba Priam King of Troy; very old man Helen wife of Menelaos; most beautiful woman In the world Diomedes one of the best Achaian warriors Hekuba wife of Priam Aeneas son of Aphrodite; Trojan Aphrodite Daughter of Zeus; goddess of love; mother of Aeneas; patron of Paris; on the Trojans side Athena daughter of Zeus; goddess of wisdom; on the Achaian side Ares son of Zeus; god of prophecy, light, poetry,

and music; on the Trojans side Zeus supreme god and king of Olympos Poseidon younger brother of Zeus; god of sea Iliad Chryseis and Briseis who were captured during a raid in Troy are awarded as war prizes to Agamemnon and Achilles. Chryseis for Agamemnon and Briseis for Achilles. Chryseis is the daughter of Chryses which prays Apollo to help get back his daughter. Apollo causes a deadly plague in the Achaian camp. Achilles asked Kalchas to explain the cause of Apollo s anger. Apollo plagued the Achaians because Agamemnon refused to return Chryseis to her father. Agamemnon demands Achilles war prize in place of Chryseis. Achilles because angry at Agamemnon s demand and withdraws his troops from the Achaian army. Agamemnon returns Chryseis to her father then collects Briseis from

Achilles. Strangely, Achilles gives him the girl. Then, Achilles decides to tell his mother about the problem. Achilles asks his mother to ask Zeus to make sure that the Trojans win. Thetis goes to Zeus and asks and he agrees to help the Trojans. Agamemnon has a dream that he can defeat the Trojans so, full of false hope, he planned a mass assault on Troy. Agamemnon orders his army to prepare themselves to attack. When the news of the Achaian plan arrived in Troy, Hektor ordered his troops to meet the Achaians on the plain in front of Troy. Paris dares any of the Achaian warriors to fight him personally. Then, Menelaos accepted the challenge. But, Paris is suddenly scared and backs out. Hektor then fines Paris and scolds him. The agreement was whoever won gets Helen, then the war

would be over. They fight on a large open area between the armies. Menelaos hurts Paris then Aphrodite saves Paris and brings him to his bedroom in Troy, where she also brings Helen. Then Agamemnon announces that Menelaos has won. Hera wants the complete destruction of Troy so Zeus sends Athena to get them fighting again. Athena then tempts Pandaros to kill Menelaos, then he would get great glory. Then, Pandaros stupidly shoots Menelaos with an arrow and wounds Menelaos. Agamemnon and the Achaians were shocked by this violation of the truce. The wound is not fatal, but when the surgeon is treating it, several Trojan regiments begin to attack. Agamemnon immediately orders is army to fight and the army is cheerfully responding to Agamemnon s praises. The battle then continues and

has an outstanding warrior, Diomedes. Pandaros then wounds Diomedes and Diomedes asks for Athena s aid. She gives him more courage, and the advantage of being able to tell between gods and mortals. She tells him not to fight with any of the gods but Aphrodite. Diomedes kills many Trojans including Pandaros. Then, he wounds Aeneas and takes his horses as a war prize. Diomedes is angry at Aphrodite s interference so he wounds her in the hand. The Achaians are slowly loosing and withdrawing. Hera and Athena helps the Achaians. Ares complains to Zeus about the bad treatment he got and Zeus tells him he doesn t care. No more gods are fighting in the war. The Achaians overpower the Trojans and drive them back. Diomedes and Glaukos challenge each other to a personal duel. Later, they