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exploding all around and there were shell-holes on the ice. Suddenly Pavel and his friends fell into them. Still they managed to go out of the shell-holes. The soldiers were treated in the Pavlov sea-hospital in Kronstadt. On June 24, 1944, on the island of Pisari air blast of fascist bombs threw Pavel and his friends overboard. Some soldiers fell, some were mutilated. Pavel was contused. On May 7, 1945, Pavel Ignatievich was given a new assignment. He began working as a geography teacher and as an officer-educator in the Admiralty of Leningrad. In March, 1946, during his holiday Pavel Ignatievich went to the native village. By that time his father was bed-ridden. He asked his son to come back to the village. On July, 7, 1946, Pavel returned home. Pavel and his wife Nura had 3

children. Pavel’s length of service is 44,5 years: - as a teacher-2,5 years; - as a head of studies-9 years; - as a school headmaster-28 years; - as a head of Yantikovskiy Department of Education-5 years. Pavel Ignatievich was awarded the Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War, the Medal for Valour, the Medal for the Defence of Leningrad. Pavel Ignatievich died in 1982. Mikhail was the fourth son and the sixth child in the family. He was born in 1918. After finishing school he worked at the railway-carriage repair works in Kanash. Then Misha went to Astrakhan to enter the River technical secondary school. Before active service he worked on the ice-breaker “Saratovets”. In 1938 he went to thearmy and when the Great Patriotic War began, Misha went to

the front. Mikhail was a navigating electrician on the submarine “S-7” “S-7” was torpedoed and sunk on October,21 1942 . 42 Red Navy men were drowned, Mikhail was one of them. Mikhail was awarded Order of Lenin. Vasiliy, the fifth son in the family, was born on November12,1921. He got his name in honour of his father’s brother. The year of 1921 was a lean year. The sun was hot, but there was no rain at all. Winter and spring crops suffered from drought. Vasiliy’s mother fell ill and she couldn’t nurse her child. People were hungry. They baked bread of goose-foot. A village teacher Elizaveta Petrovna Strogonova organized a special kitchen for children. There the children were given “ARA-porridge” (American Relief Administration). That was the only salvation.

Still Vasiliy survived. He was 20 years old when the war began. Vasiliy went to the front. He defended Leningrad. He fought on a destroyer “Strogiy”. Vasiliy Ignatievich was awarded the Nakhimov Medal, the Medal for the Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War, the Medal for the Defence of Leningrad . After the war Vasiliy Ignatievich returned home and began working as a P.E. teacher side by side with his wife Elvira Efimovna at Ivanovskaya school of our district. He died in 1997. The villagers of Latyshevo and all Chuvash people revere the Ignatiev brothers’ memory. In the museum of Yantikovo there is a diorama about them. The names of Vanuk and Mikhail are inscribed on the village monument to the fallen heroes of Latyshevo. In the book “Memory”among numerous

names and surnames of heroes, readers can see the name of Ignatiev Mikhail Ignatievich. Three boys in their family were named Mikhail (Mikhail Gavrilovich, Mikhail Vasilievich, Mikhail Petrovich). Turning over the pagesof the family album, the Ignatievs will continue telling their sons and daughters about their heroic relatives. I am sure that the young generation of the Ignatievs will be deserved of their brave relatives. Eternal glory to the victors! В годы войны 208 тысяч жителей Чувашии ушли на фронт, половине из них не вернулась на Родину. 5429 янтиковцев тоже ушли на фронт, к сожалению, 3156 из них погибли. Некоторые семьи потеряли

двух и даже более сыновей. Семья Игнатьевых из деревни Латышево не стала исключением, она потеряла двух сыновей на войне. Деревенька Латышево находится в Янтиковском районе Чувашской Республики. Она известна Игнатьевыми, с первых же дней войны пятеро сыновей из семьи Игнатьевых встали на защиту Родины. Так случилось, что все они защищали Ленинград. В семье Игнатьевых было 7 детей: 2 дочери и 5 сыновей. Михайлов Игнатий Михайлович