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same. The thought’s under the mental state are changed solely because of the altering of the brain state. In other words reductive materialism is at work! Concentration levels have increased and a calmness has overcome the fear and guilt in the mental states brought on by the brain state’s biochemical releases. Another form of a brain state-controlling device is an electronic device known as a transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulator. This is used to control the mental states of pain. It sends electronic currents to the brain which in turn send pain-inhibitors affecting the mental states. Once again this shows that “our behavior appears to have its basic causes in neural activity” (TL325). Reductive materialism by Churchland’s definition is simply the reduction of

mental phenomena into physical phenomena, and vice versa making them the same. This identity theory holds much ground in the psychological and physiological forms as well. The example of depression is just one of many claims that can be taken into consideration for the plausibility of the identity theory. This brain disorder was used because of the personal involvement that I have with it. Mental and brain states are one and in the same idea due to the fact that I am experiencing these effects due to obsessive-compulsive disorder and high anxiety which I am being treated for. Mental and brain states are reduced into one with the occurrence of biochemical releases simultaneously changing thoughts and behavior.