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The Ideal Customer Essay, Research Paper The Ideal Customer Rarely is one asked to describe the ideal customer in any aspect not directly related to customer service. Therefore, I find this a refreshing and highly interesting project to stretch my imagination and experience dealing with the nature of most customers. In this paper I will describe what attributes, attitude, and mentality makes up what I consider the perfect customer. The ideal customer is not so cynical they do not trust anyone or prejudge anyone before they see any results. They will also tend to give you the benefit of the doubt but have little patience with poor performance, treatment, or results. This customer should also have the money or means to pay you that does not take the food out of their

children’s mouths just to get what they desire and not necessarily what is needed in their lives. In other words, they should have the expendable income to afford what you are selling or providing them with. They should also have an understanding of what they are buying and what you are selling. This means that the customer has done his/her homework before coming to the store or business that provides what the customer desires. Moreover, this customer will have gathered enough information through some Gibler2 valuable research that they will have a basic understanding of what you are offering them. I think one of the most important attributes of the ideal customer is their demand for quality. My ideal customer demands high quality. Yet, realizes that mistakes can be made but

need to be corrected immediately if it does occur. In this way the ideal customer is a great asset in monitoring satisfaction and performance. This customer would also realize the importance of being trustworthy and at good standing with all they deal with. This means not offering to pay in food stamps or demanding discounts or trying to swing deals that are only worthy of the best used car salesmen. The last attribute of my ideal customer is that of loyalty. This means that the customer should buy from me and express gratitude by referring other customers to me via word of mouth and recommendation. What I have described in this paper is what I consider to be the perfect customer or what I would want them to be. However, to be truthful, I had sat down and listed over thirty

different attributes that seemed to be ideal to me. Yet, somehow narrowed it down to what I have described throughout this paper. Although, we all dream of the perfect customer in different ways and we come up with a picture that meets what we deem the perfect customer, I’m sure that like the elusive end of the rainbow we will never really reach the pot of gold and learn to except each customer for what they are, “human”.