The Hutter Sisters In The Deer Essay

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The Hutter Sisters In The Deer Essay, Research Paper The Hutter Sisters in The Deerslayer The two Hutter sisters, in Cooper s The Deerslayer, are complements of each other. The two women differ in ideals and intellect. Judith, the more beautiful daughter, starts the novel with a promiscuous reputation, changes her immoral ways, and in the end returns to her life with men. Her motive to become a better Christian is her love for the Natty Bumppo. Judith is willing to change her ways in order to gain the love of Bumppo. He does not return her love, which sends her back to her unchristian way of life. Hetty, on the other hand, is a good Christian who preaches her values to everyone in the novel. Unlike Judith, she is not beautiful but plain. Her simple mindedness keeps her

Christian values strong. Her plain features and simple mind keep her from wandering away from immoral actions. Her strong Christian faith in the end endangers Bumppo, because she is unable to lie and see the necessity of trickery during the time of war. Judith helps Bumppo by using her beauty and intellect. Judith Hutter, as Hurry Harry describes, is the coquettish daughter of Tom Hutter. She is a woman who is materialistic, but has a strong intellect. When Natty Bumppo first sees her room he describes her belongings as, of a quality much superior to what one would expect to meet in such a place, with ribbons, and other similar articles to correspond. Pretty shoes, with handsome silver buckles, such as were then worn by females in easy circumstances in a way to catch the eye by

their conceits and hues. This description of Judith s belongings is an accurate description of Judith s character. Judith is superior because of her education. She reads and writes, which in the end makes Bumppo feel a relationship between them would be unmatched. Her intellect is far more superior to the intellect of other women raised in the frontier. Not only is she smart, but she is extraordinarily beautiful. Her beauty attracts many suitors, which gives her a negative reputation. She is also a strong woman who lives for herself. This is apparent when she rejects Hurry Harry s proposals for marriage. Judith falls in love for Bumppo, which causes her to try to follow the straight moral path Bumppo believes in. She claims that she would rather live in nature with Bumppo, which

Bumppo says is a school to set her mind right ag in, instead of living in civilized towns. “He’s worth a million Hurrys! Yes, he s worth all the young men who ever came upon the lake put together he is true. There is no lie about the Deerslayer. She admires his moral character over Hurry Harry s ideal manliness. This shows she is willing to look beyond her materialistic ways for Bumppo. She is willing to change her ways in order to appeal to Bumppo. Her love for Bumppo causes her to try to protect him. When Bumppo is a prisoner in the Mingo camp, Judith declares to Hetty, ” tortured he shall not be, while Judith Hutter lives and can find means to prevent it. Judith’s strength and independence is evident when she helps the group defend themselves against the Mingos. As a

Mingo chief lands on the deck of the boat, “Judith rushed from the cabin, her beauty heightened by the excitement that produced the bold act, which flushed her cheek to crimson; throwing all her strength into the effort, she pushed the intruder over the edge of the scow. Later, as the Deerslayer speaks to a young scout, “the keen eyes of Judith were as vigilant as ever. She warns Bumppo, Be on your guard, Deerslayer I see rifles, with the glass, beneath the hemlock brush, and the Iroquois is loosening them with his feet! With out this warning, the Mingos would kill Hurry Harry and Tom Hutter. The canoe ride back to the castle after Hetty speaks to the Mingos proves Judith’s skill in the wild. She rows “with a skill little short of that of a man. When the Mingos chase