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the deer, we took them back to the farm to take pictures. While my mother took the photos, all five of us gathered around to have our pictures taken to mark the occasion. Everyone said that they wanted a copy of these pictures as something to remember the trip by. Even as I look at them now, I still smile thinking of the fun we had that weekend. Immediately after the pictures we finished cleaning the deer and hung them up so we could butcher them the next morning. It was a little after two o?clock in the afternoon when we finished this task, and we all agreed that we would go inside and enjoy a late lunch. As we again sat down to one of Mom?s feats, we were still all describing to each other how exciting it was to be on the hunt that morning. After dinner we all took a little nap

to catch up on the sleep we didn?t have the night before. We all relaxed for a while after this as my 15 month old brother entertained us until Mom had supper ready. After supper we all jumped in my car to go to town to check out how all of my other friends had fared that day. We were excited to find out that we were some of the few that actually had a successful hunt that day. We were all proud of ourselves, but know that we had a little luck involved in our hunt. We then went back home for the evening and got a good nights sleep before Sunday morning when we were to butcher the deer and then head back to Kearney for school. We sat up well past midnight talking about the day?s events, and I can?t remember falling asleep that night. It was a great trip, knowing that everybody

thought that the hunt was successful. For my self it will always be a memory of my college days, and my good friends. This is just another reason why good friends, good family, and good luck will always be and enjoyable experience.