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So he fought against them from the top of the Cathedral. When the Vagabonds finally gave up Quasimodo went to check on La Esmeralda she was gone. Pierre Gringoire and Claud Frollo had taken her and left. The Priest once again offer La Esmeralda refuge if she only would love him. She refused and called out for Phoebus. At the sound of this name the Priest became outraged and went off to fetch the guards who, on hearing she has escaped were already looking for her. Before he left though he made an old woman hold her. The old woman hated gypsies because they had once stolen her baby from her. Then the old woman and the girl find out La Esmeralda is the woman s baby and the old woman tries to hide her. When the guards return the break down the wall take La Esmeralda out and hang her.

And from a distance Claud Frollo and Quasimodo watch. Quasimodo knowing that Claud Frollo turned her in then threw him off the ledge. And as Quasimodo looked down at Claud Frollo and thought of La Esmeralda he cried out, Oh! Everything I ve loved!