The Human Need For Love And Acceptance

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The Human Need For Love And Acceptance Essay, Research Paper ” If you have love you don’t need anything else, and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t much matter what else you have.” The above quotation my British play write J.M. Barrie testifies to the power and importance of love. Nowhere is love more crucial than with children. Children must receive love and acceptance from family. As children grow, and move into a larger circle of acquaintances it is equally important that they receive love and acceptance from peers. Most importantly, children must learn to love and accept themselves. Without these three interwoven circles; love and acceptance from family, peers, and self, it is very unlikely that children will fully develop into adulthood! Imagine a family that

raises children without love and acceptance; it would be a horrible place for children to begin their development. The sisters who work in Mother Teresa’s Homes for Children often encounter children who, while they may have received adequate nutrition, are “starved” for human touch and communication. Without love, they waste away. Is some families, there is cruelty or abuse which can leave a child with permanent symptoms: Shyness and fear of people are the most common; (If a child does not receive lover, then how can they reach out to others?) violent behavior and language is another symptom. (Where is this behavior learned if not from the family?) ; the inability to form meaningful. long lasting relationships is a third. A child raised in a home without love and acceptance

may even develop more serious mental problems. Many psychotics like rapists or serial killers have admitted that they had a horrible, unloving childhood usually with abuse. A child’s life may be dramatically changed without love and acceptance in a family. Love and acceptance from peers, is an important part of growing up; without it, a child may not develop into adulthood properly. A child deprived of love and acceptance from peers can easily become depressed. For example, a child who is constantly teased or excluded, will feel hurt, alone and depressed. Sadly, being teased and excluded may even lead to suicide. Without love and acceptance of peers, children may experience feelings of inadequacy and begin to believe that they will never fit in. If a child does not feel loved

by his or her peers, they may begin to question their self worth. This is turn, may affect their love of self. Children may also miss out on a lot of life if they are not accepted. This is because a child may be afraid of being excluded or humiliated later on in their life if they were not accepted at a young age. Therefore, the child can become very shy and even scared of people. Without love and acceptance from peers, it is possible that a childhood, as well as a life may be ruined. A child’s life may be dramatically changed if he or she does not love themself. If a child does not love herself this may lead to health problems. For example, a child who is not happy with her body may become anorexic or bulimic. A recent survey of grade 8 girls found that two out of three had

dieted. These problems can carry on throughout a child’s later life. A child may also waste their life away if they do not love and accept themselves. Some children believe that they are not as good as others, and do not deserve as much. Therefore, these children do not go for opportunities; they leave them for someone better. Most importantly, a child who does not love himself, will not love others. How can one person love anything if they do not love themselves? A child may never love, if they do not learn to love themselves early on in life. It is so important for children to love and accept themselves because without it, they will not reach their full potential. Children who do not receive love and acceptance from peers, family and self will likely experience difficulty as