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important that the adults in their lives help them to resist that message. Their coaches should be role models for male athletes. Being in their position they have the power to encourage the boys to be responsible and to make smart choices (Billie 18). Adolescent… Adult… There is one form of attraction that is definitely common between the two. Physical attraction. Starting in your teenage years, people begin to worry and obsess about how they look. Psychologists call the familiar feeling that the whole world is watching oneself the spotlight effect. We tend to think that people notice appearances considerably more than they really do. Most people, honestly, just don t notice when one is not looking their best. Studies have shown that since people are so focused on

themselves, that they naturally assume that others pay close attention to us, too, but mostly everyone feels the same way and is too concerned with their own problems. As stated by Cornell graduate student Justin Kruger, The truth is, we re just not as interesting to other people as we are to ourselves (Rooney 14). What do the sexes look for in the opposite sex physically? Men, generally, consistently value attractiveness and youth in a mate. Males have evolved a mind-set that homes in on signs of a woman s health and youth. Modern man s sense of feminine beauty consists of clear skin, bright eyes, and youthful appearance are usually the visual signs to a man diagnosing a women to be healthy and fertile. A women s reproductive health also explains why men value curvaceous

figures. Most men don t judge a figure on whether she is slim or fat, but instead on the ratio of the waist to the hips. Supposedly, the ideal proportion is the hips being roughly one third larger the waist. This relates to the higher fertility and resistance to disease in a woman. A good example of this is to look at the Miss America pageant. Over the past several decades, the winners have gotten 30 percent thinner, but the waist to hip ratio has stayed relatively the same over the years (Allman 56-63). Women traditionally look at a prospective mate s ambition, status, and resources. Females tend to look at more of the material things in relation to physical appearance. They find more appealing a man who can take care of a baby rather than a man who can take care of his hair

(Allman 56-63) Where the two sexes meet, however, is rather interesting. One thing that both men and women found attractive were symmetrical features. Women view symmetrical men as more dominant, powerful, richer, and better sex and marriage material. Men, for their part, rate symmetrical women as more fertile, more attractive, healthier and better sex and marriage material, too. However, symmetrical men engage in more infidelity in their relationships. Women usually appeal to symmetrical males to receive their good genes for their children, not necessarily to carry on a relationship. A guy who will stick around and help out with parenting is on most women s wish list of qualities in a mate (Rodgers 37-41,64-65,67,69-70). Typically, however, men and women choose mates who closely

resemble themselves in terms of weight, height, intelligence, and even earlobe length (Allman 56-63) There are also some emotional aspects between males and females that should be duly noted. The mind s mating mechanisms can definitely be strongly influenced by the culture that one grew up in possibly through religious and moral beliefs. When men and women are looking for a short term mate, they will focus more on the physical aspect of a person and they will settle for a lot less in terms of personality. This reflects in men that they have often pursued a dual mating strategy. They would look for a healthy, fertile, long-term mate. But, might take advantage of any low-risk opportunity that they had come across. The end result is an evolved psychology that allows man to be

sexually excited by a wide variety of women even while committed to a partner. This is also shown through studies of men s and women s fantasies today. Researchers have found that men and women actively engage in sexual fantasies, however, men typically had more fantasies about anonymous partners. In a different study, researchers asked males and females to imagine that their mates were having sex with someone else or that their mates were engaged in a deep emotional commitment with another person. And through the monitoring of the subjects heart rates, frowning and stress responses they were able to establish that the stereotypical double standard cut both ways. Men reacted far more strongly than the woman did to the idea that their mates were having sex with someone else. But