The Horse Dealers Daughter Love Essay Research

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The Horse Dealer?s Daughter: Love Essay, Research Paper In the story ?The Horse Dealer?s Daughter?, author D.H. Lawrence represents a type of love metaphor that is truly an example of how powerful love can be. His two main characters, Dr. Jack Fergusson and Mabel Pervin undergo such a dramatic experience, its almost impossible not to pick up his story and read it for a second time. But can something this imaginative and so farfetched actually happen? Well, love does work in mysterious ways and there have been a number of fascinating events that have happened to people. Love is unpredictable, exciting, and probably one of the greatest feelings people can experience during a lifetime. Love is just one of those things that can?t be explained. Since scientists truly can?t find

out the meaning of it or why it happens, it allows authors like D.H. Lawrence to create intense and dramatic scenes that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. In this story, Lawrence?s character Mabel finds love at a time where she least expects it. Mabel was one of two girls in a family of five children. Her brothers, all of which were older than her, didn?t think much of Mabel and really didn?t have too much respect for her. When she was fourteen, her mother had passed away, which left Mabel heartbroken and depressed. Her father, whom she had loved very much, remarried to another women and left Mabel with the feeling of insecurity. He also eventually passed away leaving the family in debt. It was all of these events that lead to her deep depression, which would later lead

to her suicide attempt. ?She would always hold the keys of her own situation. Mindless and persistent, she endured from day to day. Why should she think? Why should she answer anybody? It was enough that this was the end, and there was no way out? (452). One evening Mabel visited the churchyard where her mothers? headstone was at rest. This was the one place that offered her with the sense of security. ?Once under the shadow of the great looming church, among the graves, she felt immune from the world, reserved within the thick churchyard wall as in another country? (452). She took her time cleaning the surroundings of her mother?s grave and the headstone so it looked proper. It was at this point where Dr. Fergusson noticed Mabel on his way to the outpatients in the surgery.

Slowing down from his normal walking pace, Dr Fergusson was spellbound by what he saw. ?She seemed so intent and remote, it was like looking into another world. Some mystical element was touched in him? (452). He hadn?t realized it yet, but that feeling that Dr. Fergusson was getting was Lawrence?s first sign that this story was about to change course toward the direction of a love story. Later on that evening, Dr. Fergusson was on his way to attend some of his patients when he noticed Mabel walking toward a pond. Viewing in curiosity, he watched as she very calmly walked into a pond with great ease until she was completely under the water?s surface. Without hesitation, Dr. Fergusson ran in after her, dragged her out, and revived her. He then proceeded to take her back to her

house and tried to warm the both of them up as well as he could. This is where the unimaginable happens. Mabel, aware that Dr. Fergusson had undressed her and covered her in blankets, asks him if he loves her. ?His soul seemed to melt? (456). Blinded by her question, he could feel his heart burning with a feeling that he was unaware of. Repeatedly she asked him ?do you love me?? He finally gave in and let his heart speak. ?Yes. I love you? (457). Here is a scenario where this man had never thought of loving Mabel until this single solitary moment. He had never really fully conversed with her before. Suddenly however, his emotions overwhelmed himself and he knew he truly did love her. This is a perfect example of how powerful love is. It can happen almost anywhere and at any time.