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he was killed in a pivotal battle. This helps Sassoon to paint this horrific portrait of war. In this way, it Sassoon seems to use the Imagists idea of having every word contribute to the overall message in every possible way. I think it is very easy to see that Sassoon is very bitter at this time in his life about the way the war has turned away from a patriotic movement and more toward an inhumane bloodbath where mothers are loosing their children to an unseen enemy. There seems to be a very strong sense of betrayal to those not involved in the war, who have been falsely informed as to the nature of war. Sassoon seems to feel that he has a duty to help those who have been deceived by giving them a very vivid example of the way war hurts more than those who are fighting. His

theme is very direct and doesn t give the reader much choice, but to come to the same conclusion I have outlined thus far. Sassoon exemplifies a highly skilled Modernist writer in the way he uses speech, form, style, human emotion, and theme to buy readers into a gloomy outlook on war, as well as life that is very typical of Modernist writing. This is just one of many examples of the way Modernists, focused much of their poetic effort on pessimistic subjects like war in order to inform the ignorant and prophesize the coming of darker times.