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The Horror! The Horror! Essay, Research Paper “The horror! The horror!” What exactly does mr. Kurtz refer to when he shouts these few words the moment before he dies? In considering this questio, we must understand his psychological state, which in turn is determined by what he underwent in the uncivilized world of the Belgian Congo. However, there is no direct account of his journey in Heart of Darkness. Therefore, we must consult the journey of his foil, Marlow, the narrator of the story. By folowing Marlow’s expedition, we experience what kurtz once expereienced, and as he travels deeper and deeper up the river, he discovers more and more about himself, which sheds light on kurtz’s previously unknown psychological journey.heart of Darkness is a story that travels

into the subconscious of marlow, and thus indirectly, of kurtz. rEaders are told of their feelings toward whatever they encounter as they destine for the inner station. Being involved in the imperialistic exploration and exploitation of the untamed land of the belgian Congo, the discover more about themselves as they are forced to reevaluate their previously held values and standards. From a civilized world to a savage environmet, they lose allt he checks that civilization bears upon them before, They are free to do anything according to their natural and most basic insticts; unlike inthe cultured world where they have to behave according to the law, social rules, as wellas manner. They have no restraints except their own human disciplines. Marlow’ vivid description about and

his response originally repsectable, much talented Kurtz becomes an almost insane savage who kills people and cuts offf their heads, and turns into his last words, “the horror’ the horro! In the first place, imperialism is omething that challenges human characters. It is about greed, about the conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those have a different complexion or slightly flater noses…