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The Hitchhiker Essay, Research Paper ?I?d watch out dear.? Warned the frail old woman. Her eyes were slanted with concern. Her creased forehead frowned at her young granddaughter, Jenny?s, response. ?Grandma, you know I make the trip back to Summer Ville by myself every Thursday evening. I can look after myself just as well as a man.? ?It?s just? it?s only?? ?Don?t fret grandma.? Said Jenny, in a soothing tone. She slipped her manicured hands around her grandmother in a reassuring cuddle, relishing the moment. She was aware of how much her grandmother meant to her, especially after her own mother had been brutally murdered three years before. She carefully withdrew her arms and peered directly into the old woman?s eyes. She noticed the gleam of sadness which filled them at

every parting. They both knew that the tedious two-hour drive on country roads to the property was much too long to be completed more than once a week. ?So I?ll see you next week then. If you need anything, anything at all, then don?t be scared to contact Mrs. Pilful. Um? and here?s my new mobile number? just in case.? ?Where would I be without you?? The old woman chuckled. ?Well, drive safely and watch out for?? ??Lumps, bumps and crazy drivers. I know Grandma!?  The night was still as Jenny clambered into the rusty ute. Its white paint was barely visible underneath the scratches, bugs and general scum which coated the vehicle, but it served its purpose well. It was no easy feat handling the pothole ridden country roads, let alone her grandmother?s overgrown driveway. She

placed the key in the ignition and turned it. The ute revved and came to a stop. The second attempt proved to be successful and she was off down the dusty track. She pulled out onto the main road with a lonely feeling in her stomach. For once, Jenny would appreciate having a companion beside her. Someone who she could chat with as she drove along the endless roads. Unfortunately, important city men weren?t interested in country bumpkins, no matter how attractive they were. She brushed her delicate blond hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ears with a sigh. After half an hour of driving her mind began to wander. She often found it hard to concentrate late at night and so she decided to put the radio on. The sound flickered and buzzed between stations. It was obvious that

the dusty buttons had been neglected for quite some time. With light rock music humming through the car, Jenny felt at ease. Once again her thoughts turned to other things. She gazed out the windscreen at the withered fences and imposing barbed wire. The parched land had an eerie tint to it as the moon cast a murky shadow over the fields. Clumps of yellow grass struggled to survive amidst the cracked asphalt. Naked trees stood sombrely and did not react to the noise of the ute. A crooked signpost whizzed past her. Suddenly, a figure loomed up out of the darkness. Jenny swerved just in time to avoid the ditch, and the figure, which was crouching on the side of the road. The sounds of her own breathing and the beating of her heart filled Jenny?s mind as she sat gazing ahead with

relief. Her eyes glazed over. Had she really been sure that she had missed the figure? Without thinking of the possible danger she was in, Jenny kicked open the door and flung herself out of the car, desperate to reassure herself that she wasn?t a murderer. ?Hello?? she coughed. ?Oh my gosh? I can?t believe this. Is anyone there?? The streetlight fizzed, flickered and went out. ?Yes, I?m here.? A disembodied voice barked from the silence. Jenny reeled backwards with shock, bumping into the ute. She quickly turned around and faced the voice. ?What the hell do you think you?re doing? Who the hell are you?? she belted out in the direction of the stranger. She retreated backwards as she realised who she had addressed. ?So sorry,? said an elderly lady. ?I did not think anyone used