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terminated after war F.1970?s- emergence in federal agencies G.State police presence 1.Wear civillian clothes 2.No general patrol 3.Mostly sex offense cases IV.Obstacles which have been overcome A.Attitudes about law enforcement as ?suppressive? v. ?preventive? B.Stereotypes of poicewomen as ?bull dykes? C.Unequal requirements 1.Higher educational requirements 2.Smaller physical requirements 3.Different entrance exams 4.Separate training precedures a.No firearms or self-defense training 5.Different salaries 6.Few promotional opportunities D.Administrative issues 1.femininity/attractiveness of uniform v. function 2.?cute? stewardess hats and bowties issued at first a. resented by women b.departments this they?re helping retain femininity 3.Absenteeism and turnover concerns

a.marriage bar lifted after WWII b.average loss of work equal between men and women 4.Injury rate is equal as well 5.1979- Employer must offer health benefits to cover pregnancy a.usually patrol up to 7th or 8th month, then given light duty assignment in station 6.Many issues have been remedied, some are still problem areas 356