The History Of The Rams Essay Research

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The History Of The Rams Essay, Research Paper The history of the Rams has not always been in St. Louis as most of you already know. In 1937 a group of business executives decided they wanted a home town football team so they built a stadium that held 3000 people in the middle of Cleveland, Ohio. They held try outs for players who wanted to play on the team. In the Rams debut season they went 1-10-0. I know what your thinking, they’ve always stunk, but that’s not true. In the Rams 67 year history they have won 3 NFL championships. They have won 11 division championships along with numerous wild card berths. The Rams have played in the NFL for 67 years like I said before. They played every year except in 1943 when a shortage of players, caused by WW2, left them with no

team. All the players were off fighting in the war. On January 11, 1946 team owner Dan Reeves decided to move the team from Cleveland to Los Angeles, California. The Rams are a team with many, never before seen things in the NFL. The Rams were the first football team to move west, many teams moved west after this. In their first season in Los Angeles, the Rams post a record of 6-4-1. The Rams were the first team to have their emblem put on their helmets in 1948. In the 1950 season the Rams were the first team to have both their home and away games televised on national television. In 1967 NFL commissioner and former head coach Pete Rozelle split the NFL in to 4 divisions. The Rams win the coastal division with a record of 11-1-2, but lose to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

In 1978 the NFL expands to a 16 game season and the Rams go 12-4-0, they make it to the championships and lose to Dallas Cowboys by the score of 28-0. The Rams win their 7th Division title in 1979 with a 9-7-0 record. They defeat the Dallas Cowboys 21-19 in the playoffs and win the conference title by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-0. In their first Super Bowl, the Rams take a 19-17 lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers into the fourth quarter, but give up two touch downs and lose by the score of 31-19. Yet another first for the NFL the Rams were the first team to move west and back to the east. In 1995 the Rams moved from Los Angeles. In their first season in St. Louis the Rams went 7-9-0 with Rich Brook as head coach. In 1999 Dick Vermeil is brought out of retirement to coach

the Rams. In the 1997 and 1998 seasons Dick Vermeil posts a 9-23 record. Then all of a sudden in the 1999 season a miracle, just when most fans had given up hope of the Rams ever being good they pull off a victory against the Tennessee Titans by the score of 23-16, they win the Super Bowl. After the miracle season coach Vermeil retired and the rest they say is history.