The History Of Sublime And Long Beach

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The History Of Sublime And Long Beach Dub Allstars Essay, Research Paper Sublime was and still is one of the most inspirational bands that has ever existed. Eventhough Bradley Nowell is not still busting out new beats, the fans keep listening and thealbums keep coming out. From Long Beach, California three friends got together and started to jam and make aband. They started out just messing around. Bradley Nowell took the mic in his handalong with a guitar and a pen. Eric Wilson grabbed the bass guitar. Floyd Bud Gaughwith the hot drums. Sublime never thought from the beginning that they would be famous or even release aCD, but after a while the messing around became serious. Sublime founded a record label they called Skunk Records . The band members andtheir friends sold

42,000 copies of their first CD 40o.z. To Freedom literally out of thetrunk of their car. This album was very popular, one reason may be because it wasn t limited to one typeof music; it featured Punk Rock, Ska, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Reggae. It was very popularamong surfers and skaters. Smoke Two Joints and Date Rape were played on theradio very often along the west coast. Even with their new found fame Sublime never let the pride go to their heads, they stillconsidered themselves a garage band . When they released their second CD, RobbinThe Hood people were expecting more, and that s what they got, what people didn texpect was the garage band sound. It seemed they would sell-out, they never did. Robbin The Hood featured four home produced and recorded songs and twelve othergreat

songs that remained favorites everywhere. Sublime s first two CD s were on the Billboard Charts for record times for their typeof music. 40o.z. To Freedom remained on top of the charts for over fifty weeks. Robbin The Hood was on the charts for twenty-three weeks. Bradly Nowell always expressed himself through music, many of his songs seem likeproblems that are encountered in the everyday world. When things would be much easierto say upon the microphone like a Boss D.J. But I wont walk up upon the sea like it wasdry land Boss D.J. ain t nothing but a man…Rumors spreading all over my town but it sjust stones and sticks, Upon the microphone is where I goto get my fix. When Sublime could have been playing huge clubs and making a lot of money, theypreferred playing for a small club

and knowing most of the crowd. Skunk Records takespride in the fact that all of their bands are friends and that they are on big family. Sublimewas considered a trio but it wasn t, if you listen carefully to the music and read the credits,you will hear about friends from the other bands who are included in the songs. When Brad was recording the third album entitled Sublime he had also quit drugs.This made the CD sound more like it was made in a recording studio. The sounds thatwere put out were great but told a different story. Since the lyrics were written beforethen they had the same pace, but the beat was of a whole new kind. This album trulyproved Sublime s capabilities. The CD was favored by many and it was considered a breakthrough album. Critics went crazy over the fact

that every song on the CD deservedrecognition. Everyone who heard it really respected it. Brad had just gotten married a week earlier, had a one year old son and finally foundhappiness. He was about to do a debut concert for the release of a self-title album, he wasextremely excited. Brad had been off drugs for about four months now and was in hishotel room. He knocked on Eric Wilson s door and asked him if he wanted to go for awalk on the beach. Eric just ignored him and went back to bed, this would be the last timeanybody would see Brad alive again. Brad went for a walk on the beach with his dog Louie, also known as LouDog. Lateron Bud came into Brad s room and found him dead on the floor. Louie was standing onhis chest as if he was giving Brad CPR. Brad had overdosed on