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War 1899-1902 INDIA India was a more unified target than Africa. It had a structured government and was beginning to develop. But circumstances led to the fall of India’s central rule and the nation fell apart. The British turned the Indian’s against eachother. India became a very divided society. Nationalism This was the concept that held nations together in times of struggle. India had not developed a sense of Nationalism yet. They implemented a caste system in which society was split up into the wealthy and the no so wealthy. Within the two groups there was intermarriage or sometimes-even interaction. SOUTHEAST ASIA Europeans conquered this entire area. The Vietnamese put up the strongest fight with the French. There was a tradition of anti-foreign rule that the Vietnamese

followed. This was the closest to Nationalism that they ever saw. Napoleon III kept putting French soldiers into Vietnam to gain the support of the people back home in France. In 1916 the Vietnamese revolted. They charged up to the enemy but had only swords and spears and the French dominated the radicals with their firepower. There was no single motive for imperialistic expansion. Some did it for the money. Some did it for the glory. But all over, practically everyone in Europe had a colony elsewhere in a foreign land.