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The High Priest Of Globalization Essay, Research Paper The High Priest of Globalization Everyone remembers the times in early childhood when their dad would hand them a picture book and ask them what they saw. Unbeknownst to the child, the picture contained a hidden picture or message. Although difficult to see, it was there. Even if refused by acknowledgement, it still existed. Such is the case with today?s government. The so called “world leaders” are only puppets acting under the control of the great puppeteers. Whether it is soaring gas prices, a fluctuating economy, or shifts in political power; secret entities of elite caliber are the masterminds behind all world affairs. These expert manipulators covertly gather behind closed doors and make decisions that affect

the lives of every human being on the face of the earth. By exploiting political positions, exclusive members of the Trilateral Commission secretly direct, manipulate, and are making advances to eventually control the governments of the world, as a whole. The Trilateral Commission is an American based, political super power that claims to have its interest asserted in shaping and protecting foreign policy. The founder of the Trilateral Commission and chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, David Rockefeller, wrote to the New York Times and said: My point is that far from being a coterie of international conspirators with designs on covertly conquering the world, the Trilateral Commission is, in reality, a group of concerned citizens interested in identifying and clarifying problems

facing the world and in fostering greater understanding and cooperation among international allies. (Rockefeller 22.1) It is easy to say that their cause is benevolent, but are there ulterior motives? Is the Trilateral Commission attempting to mold public policy and construct a framework for international stability in the coming decades? Commission members such as David Rockefeller and former President Jimmy Carter are in such influential positions of power that world domination is not far from their clutches. Although a one-world government sounds foolish, it is not far from the truth. The Trilateral Commission describes their organization as a multicultural, transnational including members from Japan, Canada, and various other countries. John B. Oakes of the New York Times

commented on the behalf of the Commission?s members: The Trilateral Commission is neither super-government nor secret society. It is rather a loosely defined “think tank,” godfathered by David Rockefeller and nurtured in its early years by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Most of its 250 invited members come from the super-elite of international business, banking, and finance in the developed countries of the West and Japan, with a sprinkling of high-level academics and former officials, a few legislators, and even a stray leader or two. At their periodic closed- door meetings, they debate the economic and political roles of the industrialized democracies. (Oakes A27) This article, which was written in 1980, tells us the commission was founded by David Rockefeller, includes 250 mostly

upper class citizens from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. It warps the truth by failing to mention that over 90% of the members are American citizens that belong to the Council on Foreign Relations (Road Show of Deception). Council membership is by invitation only, and restricted to American citizens. The Trilateral Commission is an inner circle of Council on Foreign Relations members. A list of 1992 Commission members is contained on a website entitled Road Show of Deception. It contains 337 names, 316 are found on various Council on Foreign Relations membership lists. Another 21 people are either Americans not found on these Council on Foreign Relations rosters, or are European and Japanese members (Road Show of Deception 2). By distorting the truth, the Trilateral